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ScholarMade Achievement Place is a nonprofit organization that opened its first public school, the Ivy Hill Academy of Scholarship on August 13, 2018 in Little Rock, AR. ScholarMade will transform the lives of students and families through an academic program with that will accelerate student achievement and growth. ScholarMade’s approach includes a School Within A School smaller learning community that features a three-school campus.  Scholars will learn anywhere and at any time through an integrated technologies academic program.

Inclement Weather Policy: ScholarMade will close when the Little Rock School District is closed for inclement weather. Announcements of school closings will be made as follows: electronic notification through email, phone, or text; on the website www.scholarmade.org; and social media channels (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram).

Dr. Phillis Nichols Anderson

Chief Executive Officer and Founder
ScholarMade Achievement Place  pnicholsanderson@scholarmade.org

Message from Our Founder and CEO

ScholarMade Achievement Place at the Historic Mitchell Building opened its doors to nearly 300 students in August 2018.  It has been a priceless journey and a movement of restoration.  It is exciting to see the building come back to life! Built in 1908, the year that Thurgood Marshall was born, it is symbolic of battles fought for choice.

The majestic building overlooks a beautiful community. It is a testament that all children, regardless of their economic status, instructional needs, or previous academic challenges can find a place at ScholarMade –  a place where teachers and parents will work together to move children to achieve more.

This Place Matters. This opportunity matters. This school matters. This community matters. It is time to ignite a fresh vision in school choice, increase student achievement, and close the opportunity gap which is crucial for our children.  Our name, ScholarMade, is a constant call to remember that all children are valuable and all children can be brilliant. Our educational mission is to cultivate Scholars who will be equipped to solve academic and societal problems

We want to partner with those who have a heart for children, the moral courage to disrupt mediocrity, and the desire to influence others to rethink the possibilities of what a child can become.

Welcome Home!


“Our Scholars are Made for More”

Our Creed

  • ScholarMade believes that all our children can demonstrate excellence in academia and human decency. As the world is built upon both logic and principle, both discipline and creativity, so too can every child be made of academic ambition and empathetic fiber.
  • ScholarMade believes that scholastic excellence can be the foundation upon which every child builds extraordinary monuments in humanities, economics, technology, and the arts.
  • ScholarMade serves so that all children will be empowered to set and pursue their goals with steadfast resilience and instilled with the desire to lead their communities through service.
  • ScholarMade believes that all children are made for more.

ScholarMade Achievement Place

2410 S. Battery Street
Little Rock, Arkansas 72206

P. O. Box 55930
Little Rock, Arkansas 72215


Fax: 501-244-9097

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