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Achievement Place
of Arkansas

at the newly renovated
Historic Mitchell Building

ScholarMade Affirmation

We look to the H.I.L.L.S. to remember our responsibilities.
HONOR in every interaction,
INTELLIGENCE in every decision,
LEARNING from every challenge,
LEADERSHIP in every situation,
SERVICE to every person.

Our Mission

Our mission is to prepare scholars through innovative leadership and effective teaching to be self-confident, intellectually inquisitive, emotionally intelligent, and academically competent beings. Our Scholars will become leaders and problem-solvers who will improve conditions wherever they choose to work and live.

Our Creed

ScholarMade believes that all our children can demonstrate excellence in academia and human decency. As the world is built upon both logic and principle, both discipline and creativity, so too can every child be made of academic ambition and empathetic fiber.

ScholarMade believes that scholastic excellence can be the foundation upon which every child builds extraordinary monuments in humanities, economics, technology, and the arts.

ScholarMade serves so that all children will be empowered to set and pursue their goals with steadfast resilience and instilled with the desire to lead their communities through service.

ScholarMade believes that all children are made for more.

Our Mascot and Colors

Our mascot is the Monarchs because our children are kings and queens made for more. The Lioness is ambitious, driven, fierce, resilient and compassionate. She takes care of her community, her friends, her family.  Our schools’ colors are Gold, Navy, Green, Black, and Maroon collectively representing compassion, confidence, courage, wisdom, intelligence, truth, creativity, prosperity, power, renewal, growth, harmony, love and ambition.


“Our Scholars are Made for More”

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ScholarMade Achievement Place

2410 S. Battery Street
Little Rock, Arkansas 72206

P. O. Box 55930
Little Rock, Arkansas 72215


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