About The Achievement Place

Our mission is to prepare children through effective instruction and innovative leadership to be self- confident, intellectually inquisitive, emotionally intelligent, and academically competent beings. Our children will be innovative leaders and problem solvers who will improve conditions for our local, state and global communities. The mission is grounded in the skills, characteristics and knowledge that young people need to be productive citizens.  It also reflects the desired outcomes of a highly effective education.

Opportunity gaps will be closed as all scholars achieve academically at high levels.  The mission is meant to inspire and uplift everyone involved in the work of developing young people. The mission is a conscious effort to prepare young people to serve and care about their communities, to give them the skills necessary to be successful in high school and college, and prepare them to be change agents, movement leaders, and problem solvers within those communities.

ScholarMade offers a unique approach to increasing student achievement by collaborating with communities, school districts and families to increase student achievement and student agency. Families and communities are essential forms of support that ensure schools not only help students to achieve academically, but also ensure that the quality of life for children living in poverty is improved.  Our collective strength will reach more students to transfer learning and leadership as we all pursue achievement.

ScholarMade Monarchs!

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ScholarMade Leadership

Carmen Pruitt, Esq.
Chief Operating Officer

Ms. Pruitt holds a Bachelor’s degree in Professional and Technical Writing from UALR as well as a MBA from the university. She also holds a Doctor of Jurisprudence from the University of Arkansas law school and was admitted to the Arkansas Bar in 2015. She has a wealth of experience in school logistics, operations, financial management and business development.

Eltrudia Toliver
Director of Achievement

Mrs. Toliver has been an educator for over a decade as middle school math teacher and math instructional facilitator.  She is a skilled educator and has been served in a school using the Ruby Payne Framework for Poverty and as a teacher and coach has accelerated the academic achievement of students. She has spent all of her educational career in low socio-economic school communities and holds a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction.

School Leadership

Terri Guy
Residential Principal

Dr. Cresia Murphy
Mental Health Couselor and SEI Coordinator

La’Kesha Allen
Human Resource and Data Systems Coordinator

Aaron Steed
School Operations Manager

ScholarMade Affirmation

We look to the H.I.L.L.S. to remember our responsibilities.
HONOR in every interaction,
INTELLIGENCE in every decision,
LEARNING from every challenge,
LEADERSHIP in every situation,
SERVICE to every person.

Our Mascot

Our mascot is the Monarch Lioness because our children are kings and queens made for more. The Lioness is ambitious, driven, fierce, resilient and compassionate. She takes care of her community, her friends, and her family.

Our Colors

Our schools’ colors are Gold, Navy, Green, Black, and Maroon collectively representing compassion, confidence, courage, wisdom, intelligence, truth, creativity, prosperity, power, renewal, growth, harmony, love and ambition.

ScholarMade Achievement Place of Arkansas

"Our Scholars Are Made For More"

ScholarMade Achievement Place

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