Morell received his undergraduate degree from Bowdoin College and his MFA from The Yale University School of Art. Morell was awarded the Cintas Foundation fellowship in 1992 and the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellowship in 1993. Born in Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia on March 24th 1963, he proceeded to pursue further education in Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California—an expedition that plunged him into the professional arena of video production and fine art photography. His father was imprisoned several times in the chaos of the Cuban revolution and under increased threat he decided to move his family to America. Laura and Brady in the Shadow of Our House, 1994 Crayons, 1987 Dollhouse, 1987 Awards: But I’m also getting images that have a sense of a specific sense of time, light. The Washington Post, USA TODAY, NY Daily News, The Daily Mirror, The Daily Mail, The Daily Telegraph, El País, CBS News, National Geographic, National Geographic Travel We will be in touch shortly. Her work oscillates between everything and nothing, here and there, where she moves, like an atom (or electron it depends) free, among others. My pictures are dreamlike and surreal, but in fact when the pictures are being made there’s a camera in there recording that dream in a very physical, awake way. Outdoor Photographer of the Year Portfolio III A platform towards idealism he believes to be his true purpose in life's journey of expression. Morell’s recent images evolve from his early subject matter, which he now photographs in colour. The deceptively simple process--he blacks out all of the windows leaving just a pinhole opening in one of them--produces photographs of astonishing, complex beauty. We asked him a few questions about his life and work. Please enable javascript in your browser in order to get form work properly. Typically then I focused my large-format camera on the incoming image on the wall then make a camera exposure on film. Other awards he has received include the International Center of Photography's Infinity Award in 2011.[1]. Production stills and video for Tent-Camera Images on the Ground, Video – Abelardo Morell on his work in the “Ansel Adams in Our Time” exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. I made my first camera obscura in 1991, this image actually came inside the room. Source:, Exclusive interview with Jacopo Della Valle, Exclusive interview with Giedo Van der Zwan, Exclusive interview with Cayetano González. Houk Gallery is his exclusive representation, with his first show with the gallery displayed in their Zürich, Switzerland location in June 2013. Born in the West Midlands in 1981, Jon Tonks studied product design before becoming a staff photographer for a local newspaper. He lives with his wife, Lisa McE­laney, a film­maker, and his chil­dren Brady and Laura in Brook­line, Massachusetts. Born in Havana, Cuba, Morell came to the United States as a teenager in 1962 and later studied photography, earning an MFA from Yale University. While his style has remained unchanged, in his various projects he has photographed books, maps, people and works of art. 1948) has earned international praise for his images that use the language of photography to explore visual surprise and wonder. Videos; Press; Current & Upcoming; About. So I thought well, I can make one. His pictures are a visual story able to highlight unseen or ignored realities. Then, I cut a small hole in the material I use to cover the windows. And of course, in a desert there are no rooms. And the tent in some ways became a vehicle from which to see the surrounding landscape. Tent-Camera (2018), published by Nazraeli Press. Since then he has directed commercials and shot several covers of major magazines. Through avant-garde composer Arnold Schönberg, with whom she studied piano, she became exposed to the Expressionist painters of early twentieth-century Vienna. Morell earned a Bachelor of Arts from Bowdoin College in 1977, and a Master of Fine Arts from Yale University School of Art in 1981. Sometimes you can not easily understand their contours. Mauro De Bettio is an Italian photographer who lives in Spain. Since then, he has travelled around Japan photographing traditional local lore about fire preserved from the past, as part of his ongoing, long-term project, "In Awe of Fire". And that certainly was…. A ret­ro­spec­tive of his work orga­nized jointly by the Art Insti­tute of Chicago, The Getty and The High Museum in Atlanta will be on view start­ing in the sum­mer of 2013. He started dealing with photography the last seven years and he has produced five short films and one feature film(OSMOSIS) which took part in festivals, in Greece and abroad. Stéphane Lavoué, is a French portrait photographer born in Mulhouse in 1976. He immigrated to the United States with his parents in 1962. Allowing a small ray of light to shine into the unlit room from outside, he then captures the reflection on his large-format camera, often exposing the film for up to 8 hours. It is through her raw and spontaneous hypersensitivity that she directs her work towards an intimate questioning, playing on the different strata of reality that accompany it to identify a multi-variable essence. Additionally, Aneta's work has been featured in New York Magazine, T Magazine, Time Magazine, Artinfo, Modern Painters Daily, W Magazine, Interview Magazine, Hyperalleric and Paddle 8 among others. Instead of having a wall, now I have the ground merging nearby landscape onto the stones and the grass and the twigs… became… just such a fun new way of looking at the world. His finely detailed images shine with an authenticity that reveals the ties between identity, place, and the act of perceiving. She exhibited solo in 2015 at the Maison de la Mixité in Paris and was present at Fotofever Emerging Talent in November 2016. Hengki Koentjoro is an accomplished photographer, specializing in capturing the spectral domain that lies amidst the shades of black and white. Anyway, a cheap box with a cheap lens – Yeti or something, absolutely pristine and pure, and gorgeous. In her series The Intolerante, she tries to highlight the effect of food intolerance on the body, its destructuring of the body see its modification, via its own body damaged and tired by daily pain. Based in France but travelling internationally for her clients, she is well known for her unique ability to connect with her tiny models and get irresistible images even from the most unpredictable, unwilling subjects. His father was imprisoned several times in the chaos of the Cuban revolution and under increased threat he decided to move his family to America. Lisa Tichané is an advertising photographer whose work is entirely focused on babies and young kids. Carrying heavy equipment up mountains, into deserts and onto New York rooftops, he has travelled the world to photograph famous landmarks with a piquant curiosity. He moved to London and undertook a Master's degre in Photojournalism & Documentary Photography at London College of Communication. Earlier that year she showed in a two-person exhibition titled Jack & Jill curated by Anne Huntington. ‘I love the period of the invention of photography,’ he says. When Vogue Korea asked Kim Kyoungsoo, a renowned fashion photographer to realize a series of fashion portraits that would (re-actualize) the traditionnal Korean costum (Hanbok), he also decided to realize his series Full Moon Story. He received an honorary Doctorate of Fine Arts degree from Bowdoin in 1997. Eli Klein Gallery has an international reputation as one of the foremost galleries specializing in contemporary Chinese art and continues to advance the careers of its represented artists and hundreds of other Chinese artists with whom it has collaborated. Using a Camera Obscura technique, Morell produced black and white images of interiors that reflect a view of their outdoor surroundings. But like many immigrants, I felt moved to explore the vastness of my adopted country. I made my first picture using camera obscura techniques in my darkened living room in 1991. An early piece of advice received from a colleague--"Never photograph anything you are not passionately interested in"--became her motto. Born and bred amongst thousands of Indonesian islands, Hengki Koentjoro is a Californian-educated fine art photographer who finds solace in the monochromatic realm. Jacopo Maria Della Valle is an Italian travel photographer who fell in love with photography at young age thanks to the influence of his father. Morell received his undergraduate degree from Bowdoin College and his MFA from The Yale University School of Art. In our image-saturated, media-conglomerated age, Morell has rejected the technology at the fingertips of photographers and taken instead to what he refers to as the ‘natural’ method, prohibiting composite Photoshop images that have spread beyond advertising and become de rigour in the heady world of fine art photography. Her conceptualized artistic practice allows her to play on forms, bodies whatever they are, by diving into the heart of the infinitely large and the infinitely small, to try to connect the sensitive but not palpable part that binds the two . Clients include The Sunday Times Magazine, Guardian Weekend Magazine, Financial Times Magazine, Monocle, Nokia, Saturday Telegraph Magazine, and TIME. Lisette Model began her creative life as a student of music. Morell has used tintypes, glass negatives, wet plate collodian, cyanotypes and cliché verre all rejuvenating out-dated techniques to force us to look from unseen perspectives and to marvel in the mundane. Abelardo Morell was born in Havana, Cuba in 1948. During 2012 she was a part of 31 Women in Art Photography at Hasted Kraeutler, New York curated by Natalia Sacasa and Jon Feinstein. Over the past twenty-five years, Abelardo Morell (b. Through her own complicated personal history, she found intensely empathetic connections with her disparate subjects. Life and career. and it was during his studies that he undertook a trip to Ascension Island, which would be the starting point for the Empire project. And it was great to have the ability to, like the way Monet could record specific light with painting. But it was fascinating, I felt like I had discovered photography in a way, because I had never seen this kind of usage of it. Abelardo (Abe) Morell (born 1948 in Havana, Cuba) is a Boston-based photographer. Recent pub­li­ca­tions include a lim­ited edi­tion book by The Museum of Mod­ern Art in New York of his Cliché Verre images with a text by Oliver Sacks. They settled in New York when Morell was 14 years old. His work is influenced by the painters he admires like Sorolla, Velázquez, Rembrandt and Delacroix. I wanted to show this typical ambiance with both a lyric and modern touch. So before, I wouldn’t have been able to make this kind of series. One of the satisfactions I get from making this imagery comes from my seeing the weird and yet natural marriage of the inside and outside. This opening allows an inverted image of the view outside to flood onto the back walls of the room. Producing images that connect the antique beginnings of photography to the modern environment, Morell uses a variety of unusual methods including tintypes, glass negatives, wet plate collodian, cyanotypes, cliché verre and, most famously, the camera obscura. Locations around the world were chosen for the interesting details and juxtapositions they would elicit--the Empire State Building lies across a bedspread in a midtown Manhattan interior; the Tower of London is imprinted on the walls of a room in the Tower Hotel; the countryside in rural Cuba, Morell's birthplace, plays across the walls of a crumbling interior that is rich with the patina of its own history. Anyway, the picture that came out was this sandwich, natural sandwich of an image in the nearby landscape, actually projecting on the ground itself. Laura Gwenaëlle Berson was born in Paris in 1987. Unlike his contemporaries, Diane Arbus and Helen Levitt, who continued in the American documentary tradition, Morell started turning his lens to the subject of the camera itself, and the medium of photography.

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