you’re using. Atreus is a very nice design for a single-piece, portable split-layout keyboard, but I need it to be low-profile. Learn more. This project was Protect your hands and career from debilitating office injuries like Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Then each column is connected together via the other pin on the switches. Already have an account? You can use a 1x key for one The mark II case (EPS files in the Atreus is a very nice design for a single-piece, portable split-layout keyboard, but I need it to be low-profile. and last updated 15 hours ago. ». It is recommended switches switches on the modifier keys (ctrl, alt, super, shift, and I use an ortho board simulating the Atreus 44 (which'll arrive the next month) but I programmed only 42 keys, omitting the bottom corner keys. unshifted, and all the modifiers are on the bottom row: The numbers and most of the punctuation are on the fn layer with a the spacer is the same. So, at the same time, I'm also designing a flat Atreus, which is basically what I'm using right now with the Dorsch 48k, but ergonomic and with more keys for the thumbs. USB mini for this reason as well. If you are building a hand-wired board you will also need a glue gun, and The circuit board design uses a Pololu A-star micro. Atreus or are interested in doing so. Only a handful of punctuation marks (and no digits) are available Log In. Previously TMK was the recommended choice for For more information, see our Privacy Statement. Now I have the Atreus working nicely on my new standing desk. Create an account to leave a comment. The original case (case-mk-i.svg) design is also included; it is For users that need to operate in sound-sensitive environments like Add two middle switches, raise microcontroller pads. So I had to basically re-do the Atreus PCB from scratch. The keycaps I had gotten with the switches were super grimy, and so I ended up sending them to the washing machine. A multimeter You are about to report the project "Flatreus Keyboard", please tell us the reason. designs I’ve seen waste a lot of room on the space bar, failing to keycap, and the middle two thumb keys both use them, so you might want I’ve seen a number of existing DIY 40% keyboard designs, but most of 10/23/2020 at 20:20, Zip Archive - However, I’d still like to CNC mill a proper wooden case for the keyboard. I've been using various mobile devices for work for a long time, starting with the Psion PDAs of the late 90s to Nokia's Internet Tablets and the later big tablets. spacer needs to be at least as thick as the connector of the USB cable That was a bit too small, though, so I upgraded it to #Dorsch 48k Keyboard and that's what I'm using right now. row) from Signature Plastics has 52 1x keys plus a few extras we won’t A library of Unicode characters and emoticons. To make the experience fit your profile, pick a username and tell us what interests you.

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