The sites meet different desires. The following choices will take you to various other locations on our site: Advertising | Bibliography | Facts & Figures. Some of the sites are commercial but they offer views of old ballparks. Reviews and discussion of the architecture of stadia and sports venues past and present. Munsey's site has apparently struck a chord. provide spectators with the best possible viewing.''. . Very Kool. There's a smorgasbord of choices and rich use of technologies that make it easy to see why sports is one of the big traffic draws on the Net. "Ball-wun!" Generally, they're divided among those for fans of particular teams or players, those providing interesting, if odd, baseball trivia, those that promote baseball itself and those that offer game coverage and specialized features. The navigation can be tricky at first (don't stop clicking in the sidebar until the name of your ballpark appears), but once you get comfortable with it, you'll think, as we did, that it's one of the best-designed sites on the Web. Address: Fans, with renewed optimism, dream of October. is a low-traffic web project, safe and generally suitable for all ages. --Site mission: To offer sports fanatics an easy way to choose seats at Air Canada Centre. . We found that English is the preferred language on Ballparks pages. --Tools: Macintosh IIci, Windows PC, Photoshop, JavaScript, SimpleText. My suggestion for the Dodgers is a public tour of baseball Web sites on the stadium's Diamond-vision screen. Read article, However, Baseball-Reference, my goto site for all baseball information, sent me to when I needed to find stadium names for those I could not easily remember. . (CNN) -- The rookie stands on the mound looking as if he's ready to toss a lamb chop past a hungry wolf. Canadian Tire Centre. Scoring the Internet version of baseball's Freeway series would be easy: The Dodgers have a grand slam Web site, and the Angels never showed up. American Airlines Center. Look up any stadium, any team, past, present, and future. Now, thanks to expanded leagues and an interminable post-season play-off system, the first week of April is as many as three or four games into the season. There are a few good baseball history links as well. BB&T Center. It's dated July 29, 200... Is This the End of the Building Boom?. Feedback | Links | Munsey on Ballparks. Great Use of Frames, Great Graphics design. --Sample: On Honolulu's Aloha Stadium: ``With movable grandstands, it's the The chiseled veteran digs in, Louisville Slugger in hand. Everbank. Using the Web to take me out to the ballgame is an entertaining experience. uses Apache HTTP Server. Available: Virtual stadium tours of every Major League Baseball, NFL, NBA and NHL facility in use today, plus old buildings long since demolished, plus new buildings not yet finished, plus Canadian Football League, big-time college football stadiums and PGA golf courses across the land. and directions. Read article, Main menu Working on the PGA and Olympic sections along with a mapping section of where the facilities are and a Sports Virutal Mall. There is a fine line between the obsessive fan and the thorough professional., --Quote: ``We want to provide the definitive guide for every sports facility It's no substitute for sitting in the summer night between third base and home, but there is enough on the Web to keep most fans entertained between innings. . . . "Future Ballparks?" It is a multipurpose facility, . . Stadium architecture, Olympic s... Check out sites offers photos of baseball stadiums, as well as baseball stadium history. Ballplayers zone in on the record books. . Based in San Francisco at the time, the Internet consultant's thoughts naturally turned to warm-weather things, such as baseball. designed for football, baseball and special events. Opening day gave us just a taste of we're going to get for the next 5 months. Fawcett. Considering Ebbets Field's enduring popularity in the memorabilia marketplace, that's probably not too much of a surprise. . . That's what the icon promises; click on and you'll see artists' renderings of Bank One Ballpark, future home of the Arizona Diamondbacks; Tropicana Field, future home of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays; and reconfigured Anaheim Stadium, complete with grassy knoll and water fountain beyond the center-field fence. . Their most used social media is StumbleUpon with about 94% of all user votes and reposts. In some ways, it's more fun to see what a single fan might think is worth collecting about a team, as opposed to what the public relations office puts out. Ballparks by Munsey and Suppes Online. But where the site really shines is in its treatment of ballparks and arenas which are no longer standing. Don't worry, he double-checks the information. For a rating of ballpark food, Bank of. . ballparks at Ballparks by Munsey and Suppes. . That's a tall order, but "Ballparks" delivers, and then some. Copyright © 1998 Lycos,Inc.All Rights Reserved.Lycos® is a registered trademark ofCarnegie Mellon University. Ivor Wynne Stadium is also here. visit the most interesting Ballparks pages, well-liked by male users from USA, or check the rest of data below. Get every new review delivered to your Inbox. If you wanted to know the current dimensions of Yankee Stadium, it's there too. November 17, 2003. by Neil deMause. . Featured at embed code. Spring is here and so is baseball. Read article, MLB Postseason Projections 2013: BoSox, Projections Win Big Read article, Here are some links to websites relating to old and classic ballparks. Ground rules: If it can be read, played, heard, observed, worn, viewed, dialed or downloaded, it's in play here. --How financed: The site accepts advertising; Suppes and Munsey pay about It's as though baseball fanatics are joined together in an interactive curmudgeonry, the cyberspace field of dreams. It's that time of year again. Reviews and discussion of the architecture of stadia and sports venues past and present. And it's nice, for once, to not have a corporate client breathing down his neck. Read article, A number of groups in the U.S. and Canada have mounted organizational drives and information campaigns against public subsidies for major sports stadiums. Soccer and the defunct USFL, WHA and NASL. A Hartford-based group called Ebbets Field Ventures has even created an online shrine to the stadium. . More info | Get the PDF | Order the paperback!. . . Future ballparks that are in the planning are also listed such as facilities for the Boston Red Sox and Detroit Tigers. Read article, What are the Best and Worst of the New Ballparks? Below is a partial list.. play in, the churches of the sports world.''. April 10, 1997 Read article, Elementary Links about Sports If you want to see how the Arizona Diamondbacks' home is going to look, there's even a section on future stadiums. visit the most interesting Ballparks pages, well-liked by male users from USA, or check the rest of data below. Read article, OSU experts give graphic advice on mower blade sharpeningInterested in facility design? $25 a month each to maintain the site. Also take a stroll through past, present and future Virtual race track tours of every facility in use today, plus old buildings long since demolished and new buildings not yet finished. Includes images and weblog. -- Overview: A comprehensive guide to every major sports Reviewed on Jun 11st, 2015. There's only one sign, now posted near the Cubs administrative office entrance. NCAA Division 1-A football teams, Canadian Football League, Major League ``What these people are doing is sharing experiences and information and that's really helped us make the site stronger. Most, sadly no longer with us (the ballparks that is). Read article. . ballparks, as well as to provide historical guides to stadiums and arenas

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