You can continue to work this pattern until the rider is satisfied with the horse’s turns. It’s all about controlling the hips, not the shoulders! else { My horses stay happy and interested and I find they are more broke and waiting to do whatever I ask because of these drills that I use….and the pros use them too! From the first barrel, instead of going all the way across to second barrel, start looking for your approach to the next first barrel and repeat the first turn. For example, if you turn the right barrel first, you would move on to the third barrel to make another right hand turn and from the third barrel to the second and then back to the first. function adjustDay (cday) { Michelle Davey, Are you looking to give your young barrel horse the. You will see her to do a regular turn around the barrels, but do a counter arc when she …, Jane Melby offers many great tips in this video as she talks about her riding style. month = TMonth[CurMonth+1]; MonthDays = new Array('31', '28', '31', '30', The circle drillThe circle drill is a simple drill to do at home. This drill in particular focuses on turns and straight lines. A handy reference that comes with a scoreline cheat sheet too. Exercise is maybe a more appropriate word to describe …, Here’s a great demonstration of a drill that NFR Qualifier Melanie Southard uses to achieve the shoulder and rib cage control she looks for in her horses. Jeffrey W. Dwyer, Director, MSU Extension, East Lansing, MI 48824. I am really enjoying your site, I have gone to a few clinics and learned certain drills, but it is nice to find everything in one place. Some riders starting out have shaved SECONDS off their times just from working these drills. While putting this “web book” together I’d find myself heading out to ride and use some of the drills I had tucked away for “safe keeping”. I’m so excited to share these drills with you. What you will do is circle the barrel twice (and sometimes more if necessary to get it right) before moving on to the next barrel. Here is a great barrel racing drill or exercise to remind your horse to stay locked on a turn and not to leave it too soon. TDay = new Array('Sunday', 'Monday', 'Tuesday', To have a digest of information delivered straight to your email inbox, visit Six should be the minimum because you can set up at least six items in the shape of a circle, but you can use as many as you have room in your working space for. The supplies that you will need are simply at least six items that the horse can turn around, like tires, barrels or pole bending poles. Very easy to make your way around the site. It’s now even a great resource and reminder for me and I put it all together! Pete Oen shares his observations and tips on controlling the anxious messages you may be sending to your horse. CurDay = CurDay - days; I offer barrel racing tips, barrel racing articles for barrel horse training, and barrel racing exercises & drills for professional barrel racing. She alternates circling the cone and the barrel and says it’s a great drill to practice your guiding without having to run the pattern. Barrel Racing is a competitive event, and I assure you these drills will give you a competitive advantage. You can even print the drills and bring them with you to the arena – make your own binder if you’d like. You will also receive 2 bonus items valued at over $80! One of my friends saw my “raw goods” binder full of drills and immediately wanted a copy. cday -= 6; Michelle Is able to target and fix specific problems through specific drills that keep your horse honest and working correctly. When leaving one barrel, focus on making a nice, straight line to the next barrel. if (CurMonth == 11) { var AddDays = 7; // How many days ahead of the current date I had the ebook done and was working on how to present it to other barrel racers. If you’ve ever had to mark a pattern and were totally lost, this guide is really priceless! CurMonth = 0; It is okay to circle the horse around the barrel until the rider is satisfied with the turn. TENTHS might be what you are looking for, but my students and I have shaved SECONDS by tackling some big problems. I look forward to sharing many of the tips I learn on the internet or learn from my own horses. Dr. DePaolo’s easy do-it-yourself method of palpating acupuncture points can be a great indication of the presence of painful and debilitating ulcers. Save yourself time and money by making sure your horse has these moves down first. I felt a little possessive. Ride your horse on a circle holding one end of a lunge line while a friend holds the other – keep soft, even tension as you go around. Some tips for success in this drill are to start slow and make perfect circles. Target your horse’s weak points with the drills specific to your concerns and see the difference. In this drill once you have turned all three barrels, you do not have to stop. When leaving one barrel, focus on making a nice, straight line to the next barrel. The 4-H Name and Emblem have special protections from Congress, protected by code 18 USC 707. Drill tips for successWhen you are drilling your horse, if you are unhappy with your turn, repeat the turn at that same barrel and only leave to the next one when you are satisfied with the turn. If you are the particular type that likes things “just right” you’ll also like this video. I don’t know how much time you are willing to commit. adjustDay(cday-1); TheDate += CurDay + ' '; Michelle Davey, How not to use barrel racing drills and exercises, Newest Barrel Horses For Sale at, Perfect Possibility 2007 POLE & 1D/2D BARREL MARE, No drama, just point and ride ! This article was published by Michigan State University Extension. Running a perfect pattern, with a fast time takes patience, practice, a lot of preparation and skill. Your username and password will be all you need to access this information 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week! So many head to the pattern and miss these essential steps. I have been to the clinics, had private lessons with NFR qualifiers working towards finding that magic clue. I coach a girls college rodeo team and have encouraged all the girls to use this site. else { [CDATA[ She talks about body positioning, encouraging us to take the shape of the horses body. return true; This article will highlight drills that you can do during practice to help perfect turns, straight lines and cues. You will also receive access to a diagram for each drill to help you succeed. Kits Spark N Burn, As seasoned as they come Highschool Rodeo Horse. 'April', 'May','June', 'July', 'August', 'September', This information is for educational purposes only. Plus the free bonuses! Check out our sister site, Thank you for visiting Check back often, and be sure to click the Facebook icon above and follow there for great tips. Jane also talks about using your horn as a method of communicating speed control to your horse and tells us why she likes to use a spiral drill …, If you appreciate good quality tack and want to keep it in good shape, you’ll appreciate this video. TMonth = new Array('January', 'February', 'March', CurDayOw = TDay[cday-1]; Michelle has done her research and has found an endless amount of info. function isLeapYear (Year) { } Remember that the horse learns through release, so by moving on you are saying “good job”. They were the ones we’d cover in the clinic and a few bonuses. Barrel Racing Drills is the most comprehensive website as far as training/drills I’ve ever experienced. This is a one time fee for continuous access to the drills for the life of the site. What I can promise you is that by doing these drills and exercises you and your horse will be more competitive. Keep the small circles nice and round and away from the barrels 2-3 feet. I’ve found training stategies along the way and I look forward to sharing them with you. Katie Ockert, Michigan State University Extension - The basic foundation drills right up to the more complex and drills you’d do at quicker speeds, they are all just so useful. ~Enjoy~ Put them in your program now and get ahead! Barrel racing drills and exercises have been used for years to train and school barrel horses. Kits Spark N Burn, As seasoned as they come Highschool Rodeo Horse, How not to use barrel racing drills and exercises, Conquer that horse that shoulders by working on drills that implement counter arcing and stopping, Put rate in the horse that’s missing the barrels by improving your riding language, Soften a stiff bodied horse through bending and circling drills, Cure a barrel horse that drifts off the barrels by reverse arcing and doubling drills, Mellow you’re off the wall barrel horse through one rein stops and 360 degree turns, Get control of the runaway by working 360 drills and speed control exercises, Determine where you are losing time by finding your strengths and weaknesses on the drills, Make up that 2 tenths you need to be in the money by practicing efficient turns, Get your horse to run inside and rate outside by working drills that target rate and run, Maintain your horses forward motion by implementing sprinting and fencing into your program, Keep your horses hind end engaged through our circle and roll back drills. NFR Qualifier Melanie Southard offers some great video tips on how to keep your horse from shouldering the barrels and some exercises to correct this problem. The site is very user friendly. If his hip is engaged, his shoulder has to be up in the correct position. Remember to keep your horse’s shoulders lifted and his hindquarters engaged. I’ve been there, I’ve had the problems and I think this will be an invaluable “problem solving” type of resource for you. See more ideas about Barrel racing tips, Barrel racing, Barrel horse. Many riders are not aware of the energetic messages they are sending their horses. TDate = new Date(); Like many aspiring barrel racers I have struggled looking for that “magic bullet” that would help me improve my times and have wicked fast barrel racing runs.

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