Martins shall ever and always continue to evolve. Modern era nylon models have come out there and there, like the 000CDG Doug Greth model and the current the 000C Nylon Cutaway model int he 16 Series that was based on the Greth. C – Cutaway body. All 14-fret Martins went to a narrower 1-11/16″ neck in 1939 and the company stopped using scalloped bracing in 1944 (Actually this was transitional, as 1945 Martins have what is now called tapered bracing.). . Note: This illustration dates from the late 1980s most likely. According to Dick Boak, if it weren’t for Willie Nelson’s N-20 “Trigger,” no one would even remember the Ns. This may be due to the fact it was not offered in a 14-fret version after they converted their entire line to the Orchestra Model design, and it remained only 12-fret Martin regularly available, until small numbers of 12-fret guitars started being produced in the Folk Boom of the 1960s. The 1923 to 1930 models have Martinserial numbers. , But one never knows where the modern-day Martin thinking might go. It is very much alike the one on Reverb except it looks like that one has no on-board microphone, mine has. But the toner (which they called stain back then) might have been used on some special edition guitars prior to this. GP = Grand Performance (similar to Taylor’s Size 14.) It is also Martin’s first 13-fret design and has an asymmetrical body shape with an internal cubic area between an OM and a GP. Currency: I think the “V” is for vintage.  //

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