Buakaw is almost over intenationally。Tonight he will compete with sb in Bankok,but the audience payable all fled away.【pay–per–view program】。 golden era of MUAY THAI – lacking color grading ain’t making it no more. Put was a fighter that used his movement extremely well in his fights. Karuhat had a record of 190 fights with 163 wins and 23 losses. Saenchai is a once in a generation fighter who truly possess the most talent and skill of any fighter in the sport. So, we are bringing you the top eight reasons we believe make Saenchai the greatest fighter to ever compete in Muay Thai. It would be good to highlight some of the top trainers in Thailand so thanks for the suggestion. Singdam has a huge range of accomplishments. You can’t say anything bad about Jomhod, besides the fact that he has a serious gambling problem. He tallied over 60 fights in Issan before he moved to Bangkok at the age of 18 where he would win numerous Lumpinee titles and win a 16 man tournament in Ratchadamnern, beating all of the best fighters in Thailand at the time. In 2008 Tongchai was busted for selling drugs by the Thai police. M. Sawangkawat has detailed both fights. Jomhod was a fantastic fighter, and one of the most entertaining fighters of all time, but I wouldn’t put him on the list of top 10. Kudos. He ended up vacating the belt and going on to win a world Champion belt that he kept for several years. He was given the award for “best fighter’ from the King of Thailand himself and also received a special trophy called “the Golden Leg.”, Check out this highlight of Pud Pad Noy Here. And here is our list of top 7 most famous Muay Thai fighters of the last decade. the maxx1 fight-junk. He is extremely fluid and entertaining to watch. Losses 23 Coban is one of the most famous Muay Thai coaches who current teaches outside of Thailand. He won his first Lumpinee title at the age of 18, where he would go on to win more than 18 major titles throughout the course of his career. this is to say there truly is a difference in styles in the last 15 years . Note, if you don’t see your favorite fighter on this list make sure you check out our other lists: The next time someone talks to you about how amazing Buakaw is, you should ask them if they have heard of Samart or Jomhod. When Coban was in his prime he fought some of the top guys in the sport and was a walking highlight real. Wins: 276 The only people I agree with are Samart and Somrak. Ramon “The Diamond” Dekkers is considered by many (Thai’s included) to be the best foreigner to ever fight in Thailand. Fighting and beating many champions in his career, he held his belt for six years, before retiring and opening a restaurant. BAUKAW IS officially reguarded as one of the two simbolics of Thailand,but,people must learn to know the true fact in the world,which will not have any impact on his influence in his native country.Baukaw was defeated several times by ordinary level fighters after 2009,everybody knows that.On the other hand,every people in the world,espercially incredible,including his opponents, respect yodsanklai nowadays becouse of his powerful fist and reguardable feats.yodsanklai have at least 600000000 fans on the earth.Who can compete with him till now?Nobody.

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