The Italian port of Trieste bristles with life, has a fascinating history and serves - probably - the finest coffee in the country, according to Helen Pickles. Our recommendations among these many towns are. The ruins of Pompeii, south of Naples, are on the bucket list of every art and history lover, while Naples may be given the backseat due to its gritty, chaotic reputation. Its longer handle means you can go hands-free and wear it on your shoulder. Rome The capital of Italy and home to the Catholic Church has thousands of years of rich history: the pull of the Eternal City is inevitable. Just re-thread and re-clip the adjustable straps and wear it your way for a versatile weekender that's a breeze to travel with. "Ruled for many centuries by the d'Este family, it has a beautifully preserved medieval quarter alongside a superb Renaissance one. The consequence is a glorious jumble of architectural and ethnic influences. This timeless travel bag is lightweight and comes with classic leather handles in black for a twist on the usual brown. Kuoni (01306 856335; tailor-makes short and long breaks from a portfolio of over 150 hotels; good website and strong on the Lakes and Amalfi Coast. Italy’s major cities, of course, are only the start. And at the merest hint of sunshine, Triestini are off to the nearby seaside, Barcola, even in November, and even though it's a concrete strip. Time your visit to coincide with the feast of Sant’Apollinare, the city’s patron saint, and you’ll see Ravenna come alive with concerts, street-food stalls, fireworks and sound-and-light shows.". The Sforza Castle is an extensive museum that is also worth a visit. Far from it: one of its attractions is its proximity to Pisa, served by several British airlines. It's a great one for taking you from the office to your weekend break destination. Not only is it Italy’s third largest, but also one of its oldest, artistic cities, but its city center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site filled with impressive archeological riches in the midst of an urban stretch of tumult and confusion. Looks aside, however, Milan has superlative shopping, eating and cultural attractions, notably the Duomo, the Scala opera house  and the Pinacoteca di Brera art gallery. The Cinque Terre is the perfect choice for an Italy weekend break – the nearest airport is Genoa. Tiny canals run past handkerchief-sized gardens, glide beneath houses, appear at street corners. ", No-frills flights to Venice often land in Treviso, some 20 miles away. Bella Lakes (01772 789368; is a Lake Como specialist. Since its golden era from the 9th to the 13th century, the city has been a sanctuary for artists, writers and poets – and it has lost none of its charm. Find a seafood restaurant by the water and dig in – this is as fresh as it gets! The weekender has a detachable shoulder strap, buckle straps detail and a zip fastening. Thanks to its wealthy past as an independent republic the city is literally packed with architectural and artistic wonders, from the magnificence of the famous Rialto, to stunning frescos tucked away in tiny backwater churches. It is worth noting that some of the above airlines, such as Tui, only operate their Italy routes during the peak summer holiday months. If you’d like to learn how to make it yourself, join a cooking trip to Tuscany, where you’ll stay in a private villa, taste local wines and have lessons with expert chefs from the area. Where Florence had the Medicis, Mantua had the Gonzagas. This travel backpack was made to help you get the most out of your cabin space, packing in everything you need for a long weekend, from footwear to an extra dress. It's small wheeled weekend bag is just as good as the Tranverz L. Fit in as much as you need for a mini-break and when it comes to storing it away, it packs flat making it ideal for those who are short on space. "This unsquashable humour is no doubt born of being a frontier city, variously owned or occupied by the Romans, Habsburgs, Mussolini's regime, Germans and Allied Forces, only finally returning to Italy in 1954. This weekend bag is so stylish that even Oprah's a fan. The medieval fortress of Castelvecchio and its bridge are another must-see if you like imaging what life was like in the past. Airlines serving Italy include British Airways (, easyJet (, Jet2 (, Norwegian (, Ryanair ( and Tui ( A lovely pale pink weekender bag for women that comes in a great size for carrying your mini-break essentials, this one is a great affordable pick. This dreamy medieval city is the perfect romantic getaway. For further information email us: [email protected], Amalfi coast | Photo David Baxendale/ Flickr (creative commons), Never-ending renaissance along the Etruscan Coast, Coronavirus: the impact on study abroad in Florence, Reopening Italy: Stage Two plans announced. Long Travel (01694 722193; specialises in southern Italy, Sardinia and Sicily with seaside retreats, high-quality farm stays and boutique city hotels. The many fountains of Rome are another thing to look out for as they signify the strength of the various rulers and benefactors who built them. Give Palermo the time it deserves, and stay right in the center to make the most of it. Naples is the city to use as a base when planning trips to Capri, Pompeii, Sorrento and anywhere else around the Bay of Naples. A wheeled weekend bag that's easy to transport, roomy and even scored 90/100 in a GHI test, this four-wheel cabin case is just as good for a trip abroad as it is a weekend staycation. FIND OUT MORE. Each town or city in Italy has its own character, so we’ve created a short list of six of them to help you decide, based on the type of traveler you are. By Tim Jepson, Telegraph Travel's Italy expert. The ideal way to approach Mantua – Mantova in Italian – is down the River Mincio from Lake Garda. But there's good reason to delay the onward trip, reckons Lee Langley. The Sicilian diet is classically Mediterranean, with a big emphasis on fresh seafood drizzled with the finest olive oil and locally grown herbs – heaven on a plate alongside a glass of cold wine. Siena takes some beating. Like Sorrento, both are linked by a variety of ferry and hydrofoils. The big Sicilian city of Palermo is heartbreakingly beautiful with its vast number of churches in the distinctive style of this city. Its cities are wonderful too, with so much history and culture around every corner. Largely ignored by travellers in favour of nearby Milan, Bergamo is Lombardy's "finest hill town", according to Janette Griffiths, while its Piazza Vecchia is "one of the loveliest" in Italy. And yet it would be wrong to dismiss Italy’s many other major cities, which also offer rich culture and history, impressive architecture, and wonderful cuisine. If it’s sun, sea and sand you’re after, then look no further than Sicily. Great for a long weekend of hikes and stunning views, or a chic city break, South Tyrol combines everything that’s great about both Italy and Austria. There are a number of ways to get around the Amalfi Coast, be it buses, hydrofoils or boats. While the summer sees tourists swarming on the beaches and in the towns, crowds dissipate in the fall, so in late September or October you can still enjoy the sun and sea, without the close neighbours. It's roomy enough to fit in a couple of outfits and essentials and comes in luxe leather. Go large with Longchamp's iconic foldaway tote, which holds everything you need for a stylish weekend away. Being based in Italy begs numerous long-weekend trips, but narrowing down your travel schedule may be a challenge. €20,00, Articles bearing the “TF x” byline denote advertorials paid by clients and usually written by our editors in a way that interests our readers.

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