Aren’t they going to be building a house? Exercise. Isn’t a house be going to be built by them? 7. What action was taken against him by the teacher? By whom were you taught the active and passive sentences? Open the door. In other words  are placed in a sentence according to their importance in communication. Become a member to unlock this Change the active sentences below into passive sentences. change of voice questions answers mcq is an important part of english proficiency test included in verbal ability questions answers of english aptitude for ibps, ssc, po, clerk, bank, it officer, sbi, lic and other competitive exams. First of all it is necessary to know about the  words ‘who’ and ”whom’. I ………am your friend will always help you. be changed into the passive voice? 4. How many countries have you visited so far? He  = subject    greeted = verb   her = object. We will have eaten dinner by the time you get there. I’m an instructor who teaches ESL. We will be playing cricket at this time tomorrow. By whom were the coalition forces fought? I am being helped by Milad to solve the active and passive voice exercise. Sentences are given in the active voice. He has been teaching English for ten years. Earn Transferable Credit & Get your Degree, Get access to this video and our entire Q&A library. We use passive voice when we do not know who the subject is, or it is not important who the subject is or when it is obvious to the listener or reader who the subject is because it is the person who usually does it. Difference between  ‘Who’ and ‘Whom’ while making their use  in a sentence : So when we use a word in Subject place it is ‘who’ and using in place of object it is ‘whom’. The king gave him a reward. Those ……..join our group need not to be afraid of anyone. Why did you make a row with his brother for nothing ? So in interrogative sentence’who’ will be used. The team will elect him captain. To understand these sentences, think reply of these interrogative sentences in assertive form.i.e. Have you been digging out the ground since morning? or in other way   …………..( you think) will be elected captain? Usually a sentence has a subject, a verb and an object in it. Out of he and him ‘him’ and out of who and whom ‘whom’  are the words at object place. answer! Change the Voice – Active and Passive Voice – Interrogative Sentences, The  process of making a change from active to passive form of a sentence is called ‘change of the voice’, Instructor-Led Oracle Integration Cloud Service Training, Instructor-Led Grammar for ESL (English as Second Language) Course, Search Engine Optimisation ~ SEO Services, CHANGE THE VOICE – ACTIVE & PASSIVE VOICE – ASSORTED SENTENCES FOR PRACTICE, CHANGE THE VOICE – ACTIVE AND PASSIVE VOICE – SENTENCES WITH MODALS, CHANGE THE VOICE – ACTIVE AND PASSIVE VOICE – IMPERATIVE SENTENCES, CHANGE THE VOICE – ACTIVE VOICE AND PASSIVE VOICE – PERFECT TENSE SENTENCES, CHANGE THE VOICE – ACTIVE VOICE & PASSIVE VOICE – CONTINUOUS TENSES, CHANGE THE VOICE – ACTIVE AND PASSIVE VOICE – SIMPLE SENTENCES.

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