Clyde married Patricia Irene Tombaugh (born Edson) in 1934, at age 27. The discovery was made on Tuesday, February 18, 1930,[16] using images taken the previous month.[17]. However, as astronomers learned more about the planets and also about a new group of objects known as the Kuiper Belt Objects, it became clear that Pluto was more like the objects in that belt than the About the time the Lowell Observatory astronomers were tiring of the search for Planet X, Tombaugh sent his planetary sketches to the observatory director, V. M. Slipher. Gender. Clyde had 5 siblings: Charles Frederich Tombaugh, Esther Jane Spreen (born Tombaugh) and 3 other siblings. Clyde made very detailed drawings During that year the Syzygy Club formed. Myers Lowell had established the observatory named for him in Flagstaff, Arizona especially for the study of Mars, but as his ideas about a canal-covered inhabited red planet became more and more discredited, he turned his attention to the search for a planet beyond Neptune. Outside of Lowell staff, it was first proposed by an 11-year-old English schoolgirl, Venetia Burney. Lesser Known Facts. I have never seen anything like it before or since, and I have spent a lot of time where the night sky could be seen well. Democratic candidate for the Vice-Presidency of the United States. This suggests that the phenomenon involves a comparatively rare set of conditions or circumstances to produce it, but nothing like the odds of an interstellar visitation. A researcher on Project Twinkle reported that Tombaugh "... never observed an unexplainable aerial object despite his continuous and extensive observations of the sky. "[36] However, in the October 10th issue, LaPaz said the magazine article was "false in every particular, in so far as reference to me is concerned. We returned to Flagstaff and to parenthood: daughter, Annette, was born in 1940 and son, Alden, in 1945. born 1945, age 73 (approx.) Clyde Tombaugh, in full Clyde William Tombaugh, also called Clyde W. Tombaugh, (born February 4, 1906, Streator, Illinois, U.S.—died January 17, 1997, Las Cruces, New Mexico), American astronomer who discovered Pluto in 1930 after a systematic search for a ninth planet instigated by the Clyde Tombaugh Bio Details. People Projects Discussions Surnames High Energy Astrophysics Science Archive in astronomy. Genealogy for Clyde William Tombaugh (1906 - 1997) family tree on Geni, with over 200 million profiles of ancestors and living relatives. On January 29, 1929, a few days before his 23rd birthday, Tombaugh boarded a train in Kansas bound for Flagstaff with the admonition from his father, "Make yourself useful and beware of easy women". We were married June 7, 1934, with a small event at my mother's home. Discover the family tree of Clyde William Tombaugh for free, and learn about their family history and their ancestry. Following the discovery, it was recognized that Pluto wasn't massive enough to be the expected ninth planet, and some astronomers began to consider it the first of a new class of object – and indeed Tombaugh searched for additional Trans-Neptunian objects for years, though due to the lack of any further discoveries he concluded that Pluto was indeed a planet. FameChain has their amazing trees. Enter Clyde William Tombaugh. He was also Commander of Civil Defense for Coconino County, Arizona. Whitlock Myrtle L. Tombaugh 1875 – 1887. They gave him an "honorary coach" plaque. 11100 Johns Hopkins Road, Laurel, Maryland 20723 Clyde had minored in geology to apply that knowledge to the study of Mars and the Moon. Three classical mythological names were about equally popular among proposals for the new planet: Minerva, Cronus and Pluto. In August 2006, Pluto was re-classified as a dwarf planet. Clyde Tombaugh, in full Clyde William Tombaugh, also called Clyde W. Tombaugh, (born February 4, 1906, Streator, Illinois, U.S.—died January 17, 1997, Las Cruces, New Mexico), American astronomer who discovered Pluto in 1930 after a systematic search for a ninth planet instigated by the predictions of other astronomers. Tombaugh's widow Patricia stated after the IAU's decision that while he might have been disappointed with the change since he had resisted attempts to remove Pluto's planetary status in his lifetime, he would have accepted the decision now if he were alive. No more trans-Neptunian objects were discovered until 15760 Albion in 1992. In order to avoid the name changes suffered by Neptune, the name was proposed to both the American Astronomical Society and the Royal Astronomical Society, both of which approved it unanimously. Sallie Jane ... Adella Pearl Chritton Tombaugh 1884 – 1958. He later taught geology at NMSU. After his discovery, Tombaugh attended the University of Kansas on a scholarship, returning each summer to the observatory until completing (1939) his M.A. Start a FameChain Add to my FameChain. For many years, Pluto was considered to be the ninth planet in our solar system. [2] He worked at White Sands Missile Range in the early 1950s, and taught astronomy at New Mexico State University from 1955 until his retirement in 1973. Clyde Tombaugh was born in 1906, and grew up to be a famous astronomer and telescope maker. Tombaugh also told Hynek that his telescopes were at the Air Force's disposal for taking photos of UFOs, if he was properly alerted.[33]. The search for a planet beyond Neptune was inspired by the erroneous belief that irregularities in the motion of the planet Uranus were not fully explained by the gravitational pull of Neptune. Patricia was born on November 7 1912, in Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri USA. Please enable JavaScript in your browser's settings to use this part of Geni. As a boy he developed an interest in stargazing that was encouraged by both his father and his uncle. Wife of the discover of Pluto. A much more likely source of explanation is some natural optical phenomenon in our own atmosphere. Nevertheless, it was with this telescope that Clyde made the observations responsible for a job offer from the Lowell Observatory. As per our current database, Clyde had at least one relationship record in the past. He never supported the interpretation as a spaceship that has often been attributed to him. [2], Tombaugh was probably the most eminent astronomer to have reported seeing unidentified flying objects. Jan 17 1997 - Las Cruces, Doña Ana, New Mexico, USA, Muron Dealvo Tombaugh, Adella Pearl Tombaugh (born Chritton), Muron Dealvo TOMBAUGH, Adella Pearl TOMBAUGH (born CHRITTON), Esther Jane Tombaugh, Roy Wilson Tombaugh, Charles Frederich Tombaugh, Robert Marvin Tombaugh, Charles Frederich Tombaugh, Esther Jane Tombaugh, Robert Marvin Tombaugh, Roy Wilson Tombaugh, 1910 - Reading, Livingston, Illinois, USA, Muron Deavlo Tombaugh, Adella Tombaugh (born Chritton), ...enberg (born Tombaugh), Tombaugh, Tombaugh, Tombaugh, Spreen (born Tombaugh), Feb 4 1906 - Streator, Illinois, United States, Jan 17 1997 - Las Cruces, New Mexico, United States, Feb 4 1906 - Streator, La Salle, Illinois, USA, Jan 17 1997 - Las Cruces, Doña Ana County, New Mexico, USA, Esther Jane Tombaugh, Roy Wilson Tombaugh, Charles Frederich Tombaugh, Robert Marvin Tombaugh, Tombaugh, Streator, LaSalle County, Illinois, United States, Las Cruces, Dona Ana County, New Mexico, United States, Prominent Scientists: (i) Exact Sciences & Natural Sciences. This source also said there was absolutely no connection between the reported satellites and flying saucer reports. In the fourteen years of looking for planets, until he was drafted in July 1943, Tombaugh looked for motion in 90 million star images (two each of 45 million stars). He discovered Pluto in 1930, the first object to be discovered in what would later be identified as the Kuiper belt. During World War II Clyde had been called to teach navigation to new Navy pilots at the Northern Arizona College. Brother of Charles Frederic Tombaugh; Robert Marvin Tombaugh; Roy Wilson Tombaugh; Esther Jane Tombaugh and Private. Tombaugh set about to search the ecliptic plane for a new planet. Thus, giving them a good start in the field. After Pluto's discovery, Tombaugh began a laborious search of the entire ecliptic and turned up no additional objects in the outer solar system. Astronomer Clyde Tombaugh’s ashes is set to pass within 12,550 kilometres of the icy world he discovered 85 years ago. He was an excellent teacher. Written on October 31, 2005 . After staff astronomers tried their hand at conducting the new search for a few months, it became evident that the help of an individual devoted entirely to the job was essential. StarChild Graphics & Music: Acknowledgments After finishing high school, Tombaugh built his own telescope according to specifications published in a 1925 issue of Popular Astronomy. He collected rocks everywhere. Born. This provided a constant air temperature, free of air currents, and was also used by the family as a root cellar and emergency shelter. He once said that he had received at least 30,000 letters. It is believed to be correct at the time of inputting and is presented here in good faith. The object executed the same maneuvers as in Tombaugh's first sighting. "[37], Both LaPaz and Tombaugh were to issue public denials that anything had been found. Siblings. The Democratic party contender for President. "[19] Hal Levison offered this perspective on Tombaugh's place in history: "Clyde Tombaugh discovered the Kuiper Belt.

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