Sixty years ago before the Copeton Dam covered the diamonds. An ironstone band similar to those at Kirk’s Hill In consultation with our stakeholders and the community we review and update these notifications. Read more on our COVID-19 response measures and guide for using facilities. Trigger - Storage level has reached Design Flood Level. Office is open 9am to 5pm daily. Copeton Waters Park has several boat ramps. Trigger - Spillway flows of over 98,000 megalitres per day, last reached in 1995. 13 December 2015 04:39 pm . created a lot of interest at the time – and still does, judging by the amount Copeton Dam is a rock-fill embankment with a clay core. It’s part of an extensive deep lead lying beneath the basalt, south of area in the nineteenth century and diamonds were discovered during the search. The spillway allows flood waters to pass through nine radial gates and concrete chute. Tin (cassiterite) was the main mineral being sought by miners in this The district’s rich volcanic soils can offer other gems and minerals. One such gem, is the amazing Diamond found near Copeton Dam, the Staggy Creek Fossicking Area provides a site where you can look for the Diamonds together with Black Tourmaline and Quartz. Copeton Dam is situated on the Gwydir River about 60 kilometres upstream of Bingara and 35 kilometres south-west of Inverell on the north west slopes of the NSW Northern Tablelands. This amount is much less than the 50,000 hectares (120,000 acres) originally planned because of higher rates of absorption and evaporation along some of the irrigation channels. Diamondted. [5] Despite these overestimates irrigated agriculture in the Gwydir Valley saw the area become Australia's major cotton-producing region. This is a rough dry area 28km from Inverell, you can take your water or dry sieve. Notification - No notifications in this range. One such gem, The rock wall is 1,484 metres long and 113 metres high. Here is a list of other resources Reflections Holiday Park - Copeton Waters on the dam’s southern side provides a range of accommodation options. of good background information in my Blog “. Find out more about visiting one of our dams and recreational sites across NSW, Greater Sydney's drinking water catchments, Lake Rowlands Dam to Carcoar Dam pipeline, Reflections Holiday Park - Copeton Waters, To view or edit your registration details. A concrete slab, anchored to the underlying rock was constructed in the floor of the main scour channel to provide some additional protection on those rare occasions when the secondary spillway will discharge water over this area. [7], Unexpected erosion of hard, sound, unweathered granite in the unlined spillway discharge channel was caused by rock failure under high in-situ compressive stress. Notification - You are advised to move to higher ground and if necessary evacuate.

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