They quickly left anyway and I was on my own…just me and the bush. I had a thoroughly great time. I stayed at the Mingling Waters Park and they loved having me there, thank you Mike. Want3d to support the small communities of Gippsland after the devastating bushfires, We stayed at Tostaree farm stay which was lovely and Vicky very friendly. Still, perhaps it would be wise to give it a bit of extra maintenance, perhaps it has received some by now. Back on track for what seemed like an age, signs of civilisation increased as I neared Orbost. The 36 km Nowa Nowa to Newmerella section was the last section of the track to open, being constructed in 2005 at a cost of $660,000 and opening in January 2006,[1][7] with a further 2 km of shared pathway taking the trail into Orbost. Email or click here: If you're a cycling novice you should go with someone with a bit more experience, with right equipment and preparation. The trail passes through undulating farmland, veering from its easterly route to northerly direction on a gradually rougher track surface, and after 9 km reaches the old Bumberrah railway station where there is a rest stop with a shelter and information board in a remnant grassy woodland reserve. 0 Restaurants within 5 miles. The stock in the a delight to see. We rode Nowa Nowa to Orbost and back and the track is in shocking condition. I still hadn’t started my planned ride yet for the day and the sun would set at about 6pm. It passes across or past a number of former railway bridges including some large trestle bridges, and starts alongside the Mitchell River and crosses the Nicholson River, Tambo River and Snowy River, as well as several minor watercourses on its way to Orbost. After about 500m, well past his tree, he let me be…my heart was pumping…the magpie had drawn me from my weary state. Could not possibly recommend this ride to anyone. Have to admit that finding where the trail started again was tricky. The railway came to Bairnsdale in 1888, but didn't reach Orbost until 1916, which was almost the end of Victoria's railway building period. [1] Parts of the trail are accessible to any bicycle, but significant sections are suitable only for mountain bikes or sturdy hybrid bikes. The trail has quite a lot of shade making summer riding quite pleasant. Rail Trail services including bike hire, return transport, luggage transfers and accommodation. It was great to be part of an enthusiastic group of walkers enjoying this magnificent counryside. Went to Now, It was great to be part of an enthusiastic group of walkers enjoying this magnificent counryside. Just did the trail in a single day from Bairnsdale, then rode onto Marlo from Orbost to stay at the hotel I'd booked there.

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