In winter 2015, she became a star coach in the vocal show on the 1+1 TV channel “The Voice – Season 6”. Dima Bilan competed for Russian in … In 2015, a video for the song "Ya vsyo eshhyo lyublyu" appeared on the screens, in the same year she went on a tour with her team in the cities of Ukraine with the performance "Ya vsyo eshhyo lyublyu". Muzhchyna Moey Mechti (Мужчина моей мечты), 4. 2: Gave birth to her 1st child at age 23, a son Veniamin Ogir on November 18, 2008. In April 2013, in one of the Kiev hospitals, there was no reliable shoulder, a caring husband and a wonderful father. [1][1][2] Karol moved to Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine at the age of six. However, the talented singer celebrated her 27th birthday already in the sick husband's ward. She married Eugeny Ogir in 2008 and had a son with him. "Ne boysya, mal‘chyk" (Не бойся, мальчик), 6. As you know, the spouse was named Eugene Ogir, and he was gone at the age of 32 years. She adopted the stage name Tina Karol at the advice of producers, as she had faced discrimination throughout her life for her Jewish last name of Liberman. Also in 2006, she started studying by correspondence at the National Aviation University in Kyiv. Ihr Vater, Grigoriy Liberman, stammte aus Vashkivtsi, Ukraine.Karol gestand 2006, dass sie sich in der Schule wegen ihres jüdischen Nachnamens oft diskriminiert In November 2008, the couple had a baby born named Veniamin. In 2007, she released her new album Polyus Prityazheniya and wrote a fairy tale, Pautinka, a story about a caterpillar, portraying the show business as Tina has experienced it. However, the love idyll did not last long. In winter 2015, she became a star coach in the vocal show on the 1+1 TV channel “ The Voice – Season 6”. I felt like it hindered me in my life”. Since that time, in the dazzling beautiful eyes of the singer and in the gentle timbre of her voice, a note of sadness and sorrow has settled, which now accompanies the singer in every performance. In the winter of 2018, she acted as a star trainer in the vocal project of the 1 + 1 channel “Voice of Ukraine 9”, On December 7, premiere of the new song “Power of Heights”. At that time, no one could even imagine that what happened to Tina’s husband, Karol Yevgeny Ogir, is so serious. [2], Note: Entries scored out are when Ukraine did not compete, After Veniamin Ogir was born his mother received flowers and messages from, discriminated against in school because of her Jewish last name, Ukraine in the Eurovision Song Contest 2006, Across the Former Soviet Union Ukrainian Singer with Jewish Roots and New Name Takes Country by Stor, Ukraine Joins Global Campaign to Galvanize Action for Children, Ющенко зробив Тіну Кароль та Козловського заслуженими артистами, Рейтинг Фокуса: 100 самых влиятельных женщин и 100 деталей о них, "Тина Кароль вылила страдания по мужу в "Спасибо, "Tina Karol became the face of MAU –", "Intonation Tina Karol – Trailer: The plot of the film about Tina Karol", "The Voice of the World 8 – Tina Karol hovering in the air near her twin", "Sensual but much: Tina and the "Boombox" presented a video for the song "Bezodnya" | The Bobr Times". His main work was the project "Your Format". At that time, Eugene Ogiru was 32 years old. Tina Karol became the face of “Ukraine International airlines” (UIA) [14], March 8, 2018 released a musical film "The intonation of Tina Karol." On December 14, “The Crushes” won at the Best Shorts Competition International Film Festival in the nomination “Best Short Film 2018”. Karol at this time was on tour, she sang in Zaporozhye. At this time, the singer was just looking for a producer and found him in the face of Ogir. Born on 25 January 1985 to a Ukrainian mother and Ukrainian Jewish father in Orotukan, Magadan Oblast, Russian Far East. [22][nb 1], Tina's husband Ogir died on 28 April 2013 from stomach cancer at the age of 32. ID: #86825 Author: Sinitsa Aleksandr Location: Ukraine / Kiev Date taken: 11.10.2007 Max. She was born in the USSR to Ukrainian and Jewish parents, but moved to Ukraine when she was six. The Ukrainian pop diva performed songs from its platinum plate "Intonation."[16]. Young people secretly signed in January 2008, and already in June, at the Trinity, they were married in the Holy Dormition Cathedral of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. What happened to Tina Karol's husband? Child's father is her now late husband, Eugeny Ogir… On November 13, Tina Karol's “Big European Tour” began (Israel, Italy, Czech Republic, Moldova). March 25, 2015, won the national award Yuna in the nomination "Best performer". Biografie. Only after a certain amount of time, the Ukrainian singer will recall several bad signs that occurred that day. At the tomb of the famous producer immediately installed a wooden cross and forced all the wreaths. July 27, Viber company released personal stickers of Tina Karol. "Ja ne beru trubku" (Я не беру трубку), 5. Karol raised all known doctors to her feet, even drove her spouse to Israel and Germany for treatment. "Show Me Your Love" (REMIX radio edit), 11. ", January 22, 2017, President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko awarded Tina Karol the title of "People's Artist of Ukraine".[13]. Eugene was born in 1980. She married Eugeny Ogir in 2008 and had a son with him. (April 28, 2013) Her husband of 4 years & father of her 4-year-old son Veniamin, Eugeny Ogir, died from stomach cancer at the age of 32. Karol became the soloist of the Ensemble of Song and Dance of the Ukrainian Armed Forces as well as a television personality. Dima Bilan competed for Russian in the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest, finishing second. Something happened to Eugene, he was noticeably thin and haggard. [2] In 2006 she commented on this "It was a part of my agreement with the producers, but, to be honest, I am glad I changed my name. The funeral and farewell with Yevgeny took place at Bakovsky cemetery, and Berkovtsy buried him at the cemetery. Phoot by Aleksandr Sinitsa / UNIAN. When asked about the new elect, Karol replied that she has a person with whom she is passionate. The idea of a sudden creative tandem belongs to the leader of group Andrey Hlyvnyuk. Young people were called one of the happy families in the Ukrainian show business. Januar 1985 in Orotukan, Sowjetunion) ist eine ukrainische Sängerin. Unfortunately, Ogir passed away in 2013 from cancer. In addition, the husband of Tina Karol was the concert director of the Belarusian musical group Leprikonsy. On August 26 on the TV channel “1 + 1”, released the premiere of the TV version of Tina Karol's musical concert “Intonation”. "Zhizn Prodolzhaetsya " (Жизнь продолжается) - "Life Goes On", 2. [1] In 2006, Tina Karol released her debut album Show Me Your Love, and another album entitled Nochenka, with some of the songs of the first album in Russian and Ukrainian. Karol has since become a mentor on The Voice of Ukraine and jury for Ukrainian Eurovision National Selection. In April 2013, in one of the Kiev hospitals, there was no reliable shoulder, a caring husband and a wonderful father. Karol at this time was on tour, she sang in Zaporozhye. April 28, 2015, on the anniversary of the death of her husband Eugene Ogir, released a single "Thank you" [12], November 26, 2015, won the M1 Music Awards in the category "Best singer". Karol confessed in 2006 she often felt discriminated against in school because of her Jewish last name. In winter of 2015, Karol came back as a coach on the second season of The Voice Kids the winner of that season was on her team. A young man was diagnosed with stomach cancer. On the show, she released Ukraina – ce ty (Ukraine is you), which she wrote inspired by children on her team. In February 2009, she received the Most Beautiful Singer of Ukraine of 2008 award from the organizers of the beauty contest Miss Ukraine Universe-2009. Laying on the collar - what does it mean? "Polyus Prityazheniya" (Полюс притяжения), 8. In winter 2017 she became the star coach in the vocal show "The Voice - Season 7" on 1+1 TV channel. In January 2007, Eugene met his future wife Tina. "Zakryly tvoyi ochi" (Закрили твої очі) - "Closed your eyes", 3.

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