Company Credits When the two depart for the day; with a plan to see each other tomorrow, Gnomeo returns to the Blue garden only to find out that the wisteria was destroyed by the Reds (Tybalt and his goons). Like many real life garden gnomes, he has a white beard. Gnomeo is relieved when Juliet tells Tybalt that she had not seen Gnomeo at all when Tybalt asks about her having seen him. While Juliet keeps her father busy, Nanette shows Gnomeo the way out. • James McAvoy as Gnomeo, Lady Bluebury's son, Juliet's love interest (later husband), and a blue gnome counterpart to Romeo Montague. 'Buck' Lewis), sound designer / supervising sound editor, co-sound designer / co-supervising sound editor, pre-production manager: Starz Animation Toronto, senior surfacing artist / stereoscopic compositor, stereoscopic technical director / surfacing technical director, sequence key lighter and compositor / surfacing/ texture artist, sequence key lighter and compositor: Starz Animation, lighting and compositing artist (as Jamie Minett), character rigging supervisor / rigging supervisor, senior compositor: stereoscopic conversion, lighting and compositing artist / stereoscopic compositor, lighting and compositing artist (as Kyung Hoon 'Ian' Woo), surfacing/ texture artist (as Eugene Yue), senior surfacing artist (as Chris Zammit), artistic supervisor: layout / head of layout, composer: additional music / musician: additional guitar, synthesizer, executive music producer / music supervisor, script coordinator and editorial assistant, manager: physical production: Miramax Films, assistant: director and producers: London, assistant to vice president of production, assistant: David Furnish and Elton John (as Luke Lloyd Davies), first assistant accountant (as Sue Nelson), head of finance and business development: Stars Animation (as Jeff Young). Technical Specs, See agents for this cast & crew on IMDbPro, 1. List of Gnomeo and Juliet characters, along with pictures when available. Gnomeo is practicing on what to say to Juliet, when Juliet arrives. Gnomeo is portrayed as a garden gnome whose vest/waistcoat and hat is painted blue. Gnomeo chases after Juliet while she is trying to get away from him, and hides when Juliet is found by Tybalt. | Benny escapes over the fence without Gnomeo, but Gnomeo escapes using Mr. Capulet's underwear as a parachute, and lands in the old, abandoned garden. We don't have that Mercutio character in this. Cast (in credits order) verified as complete. Seeing two sides uniting, Gnomeo tells Juliet that he likes this ending much better, and the couple share a loving kiss. Shakespeare is offended by Gnomeo's words, and accidentally causes Gnomeo to fall. Gnomeo warns Tybalt about the wall, but Tybalt does not listen and ends up crashing into the wall, breaking him into pieces. [1] Kelly Asbury, the director of Gnomeo & Juliet, explained that McAvoy "is the perfect Gnomeo. Filming & Production Gnomeo runs out of the Red garden, lies to Benny that the nuzzle has jammed, and runs off after Juliet to explain the situation. Gnomeo runs after Benny to explain to him, but sees Tybalt destroy Benny's hat with a trowel. After getting ready for the date, Gnomeo waits at the abandoned garden for Juliet. Shroom tells Gnomeo that Juliet is in danger, and the trio race off to save her. ", Gnomeo is also said by McAvoy is to be a sort of a leader, as he explained about the absence of a counterpart to the Romeo and Juliet character Mercutio: "Gnomeo in this is a little bit of amalgamation between Romeo and Mercutio. Official Sites When the argument between the two causes them to yell at Featherstone, who is trying to stop them from arguing, Gnomeo and Juliet go after him to apologize, only to find him in the shed, where he explains how other people's hate had taken his love from him. The couple find a 1950s lawn mower, and meet Featherstone, the plastic flamingo. Gnomeo's escape plan out of the Red garden. Gnomeo is pressured by the others to spray weed killer on the Reds' prized tulips, but before he can spray the flowers, Juliet steps in front of him, hoping that he is there to surprise her. Gnomeo allows Juliet to drive the mower, and is impressed by her skills, even though it is her first time driving a real mower. The Terrafirminator crashes into the pedestal, appearing to have killed the couple. Gnomeo tells the statue about Juliet, and how he ended up on his head. Just when Gnomeo is about to meet his death, Featherstone saves him by having Gnomeo land on his plastic body. (voice) (as Julia Brams), associate producer (as Kara Lord Piersimoni), executive in charge of production (as Daniel Hassid), production department manager: video reference, head character designer / storyboard artist, lead character design (as H.B. It's nice to imagine that all gnomes have something extra. Gnomeo finds Juliet stuck on her pedestal by the glue, and jumps in to save her. A factual list, featuring items like Paris and Bill Shakespeare. GNOMEO AND JULIET - Movie Production Notes, Emily Blunt and James McAvoy on the Terror of Gnomes, Lord Redbrick accidentally steps on the switch, the same way Gnomeo did, and causes the display to pop up and push aside the pile of rocks, revealing the Gnomeo and Juliet are alive and in one piece. Tybalt takes advantage of this and knocks Gnomeo off to the side. When Gnomeo gets back home, he is shocked to see two sides fighting in war style, ruining each other's gardens. Originally, Ewan McGregor was going to voice Gnomeo, but the filmmakers later casted James McAvoy instead.

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