Many are also former exchange students and want to return the favor, or they have children who have gone or will go to study in the U.S. Having an exchange student exposes their children to new languages and cultures. If your school will not, some host schools will provide documentation, letters, and any other materials you require upon request. Click below to consent to the use of this technology on our website – and don’t worry, we respect your privacy. For other uses, see, Learn how and when to remove this template message, Agence pour l'enseignement français à l'étranger, The school system and education in France (in English),, Articles with dead external links from December 2017, Articles with permanently dead external links, Articles needing additional references from April 2020, All articles needing additional references, Articles needing additional references from September 2012, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Features French and translated foreign works; concentrates on grammar and spelling, French-based, but includes foreign history and geography. Generally speaking, most private tutors offer one on one sessions with students but there are also some who offer small group tutoring sessions. International schools also offer different national sections with lessons taught in the language, literature and history of the particular country while teaching other lessons in French – as well as intensive French lessons for non-French speakers. Did I mention the food? Each year we offer scholarships for high school study abroad students! There are 12 specialties : arts, ecology, history & geography, humanities, languages, literature, mathematics, computer science, physics & chemistry, economic and social sciences, engineering sciences, biology & geology. You can see our past winners on our blog here. We set the deadlines for a reason and it can be very difficult to facilitate an exchange program at the last minute. We also have a list of mentors (teens and parents) that are past participants open to chatting about their experience with potential new participants. Sending a student with pre-existing conditions on a long-term exchange program could exacerbate whatever challenges the student was previously facing. These schools mostly cater for pupils who are primarily French speakers, although some teach in both French and English. French is the primary teaching language in most private schools. The following documents will be required for all destinations: For payments, a $1,500 non-refundable fee will be due with your submitted application. Providing parents with the right to request access to or a copy of their children’s Personal Information. Our system also automatically gathers information about areas you visit on our websites, and about the links you select from within one of our websites to the other areas of the World Wide Web or elsewhere online. Immerse yourself in a culture that inspired Monet to paint, Bridgette Bardot to act and Edith Piaf to sing, and learn to speak French like a local during your semester or academic year abroad. There are three main types of baccalauréat and which are completely different: the baccalauréat général (general baccalaureate), the baccalauréat technologique (technological baccalaureate), and the baccalauréat professionnel (professional baccalaureate). Trying to protect against, prevent or investigate actual or potential fraud or unauthorized transactions. With the rise of tutoring agencies, the industry in France is now more regulated and by working through reputable agencies parents can rest assured that tutors are suitably qualified. Some schools will also offer special sports clubs. Lille is located by the Belgian Border, and it is the capital of Flanders. The student population at international schools can be transient as families often move on, which can be hard on friendships. Your program manager will be in regular communication with you to make sure that you are on track in your preparations to go abroad. What languages are obligatory or optional? You should review the privacy notice of other websites before choosing to disclose Personal Information. Lycée International de Saint Germain-en-Laye, Lycée Bernard Palissy - Ancien "Lycée Mixte", Lycée D'Enseignement Général et Technologique La Fayette, Lycée D'Enseignement Général et Technologique Paul Constans, Lycée D'Hôtellerie et de Tourisme de Gascogne, Lycée Enseignement Général et Technologique Voltaire, Lycée et Lycée Professionnel Raymond Queneau, Lycée Evariste Galois (Beaumont-sur-Oise), Lycée Général et Technologique Louis Pasquet, Lycée Georges Brassens (Villeneuve-le-Roi), Lycée Georges Brassens (Neufchâtel-en-Bray), Lycée International de Paris Honoré de Balzac, Lycée Jean Jaurès (Montreuil, Seine-Saint-Denis), Lycée Jean Moulin (Torcy, Seine-et-Marne), Lycée Pierre Mendès France (Vitrolles, Bouches-du-Rhône), Lycée Pierre Mendès France (La Roche-sur-Yon), Lycée Pierre Mendès France (Péronne, Somme), Lycée Pierre Mendès France (Savigny-le-Temple), Lycée Polyvalent International Victor-Hugo, Lycée Polyvalent Regional Maurice Merleau Ponty, Lycée Romain Rolland (Goussainville, Val-d'Oise), Lycée Victor Louis (Anc Lycée de Talence),, Lists of buildings and structures in France, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 4 October 2020, at 22:05. Parents will find that their children’s school and networking with other expat parents may be a good starting point for sourcing good private tutors. No matter what your future plans, being fluent in a second language makes you stand out from the crowd. In 2003 Travel for Teens was born with its first trips to France! We make it a priority to place students with host families that closely match your interests and personality. In French, the word étudiant(e) is usually reserved for university-level students, and collège and lycée students are referred to as élèves (pupils or students in English). Please inquire here if you want to be put in touch with a mentor. We created the Greenheart Travel Alumni Program to provide resources and a community to support alumni in their advancement as global leaders, and a way to celebrate and reward our participants for being ambitious, inspiring catalysts of cultural exchange! This site uses functional cookies and external scripts to improve your experience. For many reasons, many parents consider the allocated school inadequate, particularly if they do not like the idea of their children mixing with some of the other pupils at the school. Check out our 2-4 week summer option in France here. He or she can, in specific cases, be offered to skip a grade and be promoted two grades. These schools are sous contrat d’association schools. Check out our blog or you can join our exclusive teen programs Facebook group to talk to current and past students. In any city, there are "better" lycées and collèges, which parents would prefer their children attend (usually dating from the 19th century, in the city centre). However, on a case-by-case basis we can take late applicants for the High School in France program. Greenheart International only retains data for as long as necessary for the purposes indicated in this privacy notice or for such other period as may be permitted or required by law. It is also legal to home school in France under the guidance of the schools inspectorate. Language support within the school is not always provided. A visit to France conjures up visions of the Eiffel Tower, flaky croissants, and world-class museums - but what makes France the perfect place for you to study abroad? Greenheart Travel is proud to offer the Greenheart Club for all of our students. You’re Accepted! Fees can be high, although some expat relocation packages cover this. [3] Older lycées still include a collège section,[4] so a pupil attending a lycée may actually be a collégien. To obtain this, you will have to show: Foreign documents may need to translated by an official translator, traducteur assermenté. This discount will be applied to your final program balance, not the deposit. Below are the various steps you’ll need to take to be accepted on a high school abroad program. It is very unlikely you will be placed in a major city. There are lots of tutors that are qualified to teach the French curriculum and the International Baccalaureate. Greenheart Travel will be able to provide information about the general curriculum for your age level in France. and access to the. ►See International Schools in Paris for a list of international schools in the city. State-contracted private schools follow the French national curriculum and adhere to the same rules as state schools. Changes to the programme are made every year by the French Ministry of Education and are published in the Ministry's Bulletin officiel de l'Éducation nationale (BO), the official reference bulletin for educators. Access your High School Curriculum Guidelines for France here! The collège is the first level of secondary education in the French educational system. high school before you leave and share the general curriculum guidelines for France with your guidance counselor and/or teachers. The collège is the first level of secondary education in the French educational system. Once you submit your commitment payment you will unlock the acceptance portion of your portal, which includes things like pre-departure videos, travel and arrival information, the Greenheart Travel Atlas, and more. The program offers many optional weekend trips to places like Disneyland, Lille, and more. This will cover you for most medical expenses you might incur, like prescriptions, ER visits, doctor visits, dental accidents, and hospitalizations. How do I extend a work permit for France? Can’t commit to going during the school year? Encryption is a common method of ensuring that information remains private. On a case by case basis, we can accept already graduated students for High School programs in Argentina, Austria, Belgium, France, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, and England. 6. 3. What examinations are set? By its very nature much of the information in this travel guide is subject to change at short notice and travellers are urged to verify information on which they’re relying with the relevant authorities. Is USD 2400 a month enough to live on in France? However, if you are not planning on living in France long-term, or you have children who have already started their secondary education back home, it may be better to choose an international school for continuity and language issues, instead of a bilingual school. Class sizes tend to be smaller than state schools. Prospective host families undergo a rigorous screening process. Once you are accepted onto the program, a $5,000 commitment payment will be due within 14 days of acceptance. France has confirmed cases of COVID-19 throughout the country. How do I buy a car in France? *What does it mean to be in good mental health? "Lycée" redirects here. What are the running costs of a house in France? Again, it is the student’s responsibility to request evaluation of academic performance or transcripts from the host school. That is especially the case in poor neighbourhoods with large foreign immigrant populations. An average cost, without flights is around $3,000 - $6,000+ a semester. About 15 percent of French children attend private schools (écoles privées or écoles libres) throughout France. You’re motivated to immerse yourself in another culture and flexible enough to live outside your comfort zone. Studying abroad with Greenheart Travel’s high school program in France will give you a chance to live and study in one of the world’s most creatively charged countries.

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