In November, Rogan released an episode of his “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast featuring paleo expert Chris Kresser, who spent the entirety of the episode “debunking” claims made in documentary The Game Changers. by Anna Starostinetskaya. Wilks dismissed this point using standard nutritional data. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. Wilks obliged, and, together with Rogan and Kresser, he engaged in a nearly four-hour-long heated discussion about the vegan diet and “The Game Changers.”. Another key issue was Kresser’s claim that The Game Changers was incorrect in stating that certain plant-based foods (i.e. December 6, 2019 Joe Rogan and ‘Game Changers’ James Wilks Have 4-Hour Vegan Debate. An Objective and Scientific Game Changers Review (Updated After Joe Rogan Show) by Serdar Tuncali | Nov 3, 2019 | Useful Information Game changers documentary misses an excellent opportunity to educate the public on the importance of plant proteins and … As Kresser’s opinion was one-sided, Rogan invited Wilkes to his podcast to respond. James Wilks -- the star of vegan documentary 'The Game Changers' -- recently appeared on Joe Rogan's podcast to defend the documentary against criticism. It’s propaganda for veganism, pure and simple.”. Kresser believes the documentary is “agenda-driven” and plays “fast and loose” with science. Receive all the latest news updates, giveaways discounts, product announcements, and much more. in news, recipes, travel, beauty, products, A portal to discuss Joe Rogan, Comedy, MMA, Psychedelics, Mind-expanding … Prior to the podcast going live, Rogan took to Instagram to say that Wilkes completely “knocked it out of the park,” in defending the facts he presented in The Game Changers. Your Ultimate Source for All‑Things For nearly four hours. “The Game Changers is an agenda-driven film, not an objective analysis of an optimal diet for athletes,” Kresser’s notes read. During the almost four-hour-long debate, Wilks addressed various points made by Kresser. Eco‑friendly strategies to veganize every room in your home, Vegan‑approved treats and more for your four‑footed friends, Helping you bring even more green to your garden, All the buzz from Hollywood’s compassionate set, Rev up, work out, and get inspired the plant‑powered way, Meet the creative forces cooking up today’s tastiest vegan eats, Meet the innovators shaking things up, from food‑tech to high‑tech, Meet the movers and shakers bringing the veg lifestyle into the mainstream, From near‑death to peak health, these individuals found their cures in plants, James Wilks—a former Mixed Martial Arts champion, Special Forces trainer, and producer of documentary The Game Changers—set the record straight about the benefits of a plant-based diet during a nearly four-hour debate with Paleo advocate and health coach Chris Kresser on a recent episode of podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience.” The Game Changers—which is executively produced by James Cameron, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jackie Chan, Lewis Hamilton, and a host of others—follows a diverse group of elite athletes that have thrived on a plant-based diet with the aim of dispelling the myth that consumption of animal products is key for athletic performance. Nutrition / June 25th, 2018. He discussed his view at length with Rogan and wrote an entire post on his website criticizing the film.

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