LW: It’s been good for us. Reset your passwordClick the eye to show your password. I really like it. Jugband tunes. It’s hard out there. And that was it. Crossing genres from roots and blues to R&B and soul, The California Honeydrops' sound is tied together by their instrumentation, vocal harmonies and New Orleans style. Thank you for supporting LIVE music! There’s no actual string bass on that record. A contemporary soul-blues band that is grounded in tradition and also boasts a modern flair. How old were you when you left there? June 25 /// Fountain Blues Festival /// Los Gatos, CA We became The Honeydrops. But it’s also rewarding. And then the next album that came out — the Like You Mean It record – was crowd funded through Kickstarter. Do people request a lot of covers then if they don’t know your songs? March 10 /// Carpenter Theatre /// Richmond, VA* Yeah you're awesome! Get all the latest & greatest posts delivered straight to your inbox, Lech Wierzynski Of Bay Area Band The California Honeydrops, On Tour With Bonnie Raitt, Misses Playing In BART Stations, Salesforce Tower Crown Will Run Red With a 'Blood Red River' on Halloween, Ferris Wheel Opens In Golden Gate Park and the Views Are Pretty Sweet, Video: Marvel Kung Fu Flick ‘Shang-Chi’ (Starring Awkwafina!) And there’s a bunch of stuff that we collaborated on, too. The band followed the release by embarking on their eighth European tour, a West Coast tour, and a performance at New Orleans Jazz Fest.[2]. Home » And we've had the opportunity to play in front of these huge audiences who've never heard our music before. It was a rocking house! But eventually I wanted to start my own band. So, we couldn’t do more than like a few days at a time or I’d start going crazy. Privacy Policy | We do not sell or share your personal information | © 2020 All About Jazz. So, we don’t know a lot about Boston. You might see though, if you really listen, that there's a lot going on in the songs that hasn't really been done before. In October 2004, Oberlin College graduates Lech Wierzynski and Nansamba Ssensalo moved to the Bay Area and began performing washboard and trumpet tunes in various BART and Muni stations. June 3 /// Cervantes’ Masterpiece /// Denver, CO They released their Like You Mean It on April 19, 2013. Good timin’ music par excellence... Nowadays we have management and stuff but we're still independent and want to keep it that way. MM: I know you don’t make set lists and ask for requests. He played with Ray Charles. We played all over, on Fourth Street in Berkeley, just wherever the money was good. Having accompanied artists such as Maria Muldaur, Dan Hicks, and Jackie Payne, Wierzynski has grown equally adept as a trumpeter, singer, and guitarist. Or dance, or drink beer, or head to a reading. She doesn’t need an opening act at all. May 5 /// The Foundry /// Athens, GA Privacy Policy | We do not sell or share your personal information | © 2020 All About Jazz. I was very deep into old, old American music. ©2013 LoveIsPop - part of the CollectionDX Network, Grand Sierra Resort & Casino: Grand Theatre, #songoftheday = ANNIE: “THE STREETS WHERE I BELONG”, An Exclusive Interview with Legendary Hit Songwriter Even Stevens, EVEN THE DEVIL BELIEVES IN STRYPER: AN INTERVIEW WITH MICHAEL SWEET. And we did a Kickstarter. You just go with the flow and if you make a mistake then you move on and no one even notices sometimes. And then I hash them out. Til about December. And you've been touring with Bonnie Raitt, how's that been going? I think we started it in the Spring of 2014. "The whole point is to erase the boundaries between the crowd and us," Wierzynski says. It's been out for a minute now. April 3 /// Knitting Factory /// Brooklyn, NY It’s very far from California. LW: That came later. But you never know where you might have an amazing gig. Yeah. His earned the money being a professional World Leader. That was our main gig at first, just being street musicians. Interested? March 19 /// Palace Theater /// Louisville, KY* It’s just after three days locked up in the studio I start losing my damn mind. LW: Well, actually, first we made a bootleg album that’s not available that we used to sell on the street. And that’s kind of where this band was born out of me and her doing the street performance back in the day. So, it’s pretty amazing. May 3–4 /// Ryman Auditorium /// Nashville, TN* The California Honeydrops played a U.S. & Spain tour in 2012 including appearances at the Portland Waterfront Blues Festival. And it just kind of featured our different musical interests and styles. They came through with us for that. Born in Warsaw, Poland, band leader and front man Lech Wierzynski started playing blues and jazz as a teenager at after-hours jam sessions in Washington D.C. After studying trumpet with Marcus Belgrave, Wierzynski launched his own career in Oakland. Maybe November. - Silvano Brambilla, “Juke Joint” Radio Citta Bollate (Milan, IT), www.radiocittàbollate.it. The recording process can be tedious and perfectionistic and you get really far in your head. And they said, “Well, I’ll tell you what.” It was their idea. The California Honeydrops are a good-time band with an unmistakably Californian style, despite drawing on influences like Delta blues, gospel, and Motown. They toured Australia for the first time in November 2015,[3] returning in 2017 and 2018 to play ten gigs at Byron Bay Bluesfest. Interested? We’ve learned a lot over making the last five, six records we released. Musicians » Please Sign Up or Sign In to send your inquiry. They opened for her again in Hawaii and Australia in the Spring of 2017. A few them them just kind of sprung up out of some jams that we did in between takes. We played a lot at BART stations, a lot at Macarthur, Rockridge, and Ashby. - Bill Wax, Proprietor of Low-Fi’s Bar & Grill, Sirius/XM, “Juke Joint” w/ Bill Wax (M-F, 3-6pm Eastern), Request line:1866-267-0454. Very lively bunch. - Erik Siebert, Yoshi's Jazz Club, Oakland, CA, http://www.yoshis.com. I would say it's a mix of a lot of West Coast rhythm and blues, and a lot of New Orleans music as well. March 15 /// Sony Centre for the Performing Arts /// Toronto, ON* Have you been here before? † with The Intrinsics And, yeah, that was how it all began. That recorded our album, Spreadin’ Honey. And we recorded it at home again. Learn more. And that was our first record Soul Tub, which features the tub bass. There’s a few of my own little dream songs on there that I kind of just did myself. But I can’t say I enjoy it. We named ourselves after the old band, The Tennessee Chocolate Drops. Stay up to date! I want to see this band “live”... - Greg “Doc” Lefebre, WGMC rochester, NY, ...We were lucky enough to host The California Honeydrops in July. While frontman and trumpet player Lech Wierzynski sings and plays trumpet, he's joined by Johnny Bones on tenor saxophone and clarinet, Lorenzo Loera on keys, and Beau Bradbury and Ben Malament on tub bass and various percussion, including washboards, jugs, and drums. There's so much to learn just by watching her and listening to her play. Those are the primary influences — it's good music to dance to and have a good time to. I started playing in school and I had a great teacher, whose name was Vince McCool and then I had another great teacher, Marcus Belgrave, who was a well-known jazz musician. This band was started about two years after moving here [in 2007], and it was because I really wanted to get back to street playing. And we put a lot of time in. Lech Kaczynski estimated Net Worth, Salary, Income, Cars, Lifestyles & many more details have been updated below. We didn’t get too deep into that but we kind of loved and respected all of that stuff. We want requests. March 28 /// The Middle East /// Cambridge, MA† It is a very cool disc... And then it was done by… We did little three day sessions because it was in my house and my house is tiny. Then I would just bring them to the band. March 22 /// Chicago Theatre /// Chicago, IL* April 22 /// Grand Sierra Resort & Casino: Grand Theatre /// Reno, NV* Although Chicago is very Polish. I recently had a chat with frontman, guitarist and trumpet player Lech (pronounced Lesh) Wierzynski about the making of A River’s Invitation and the band’s tour with Bonnie Raitt. And we had washboard and we would do like Mississippi Sheiks. Singer/trumpeter Lech Wierzynski, a native of Warsaw, Poland, formed the California Honeydrops with drummer Ben Malament in Oakland in the late 2000s. And pre-blues music. We recorded it in my living room. So, we did a few three day sessions until the end of the year. We’d just start jamming something else. And it keeps it interactive. We’ve been getting better at it. ...The California Honeydrops music is pleasure between the tradition and soul music... THE CALIFORNIA HONEYDROPS TOUR DATES Old school. March 16 /// Detroit Opera House /// Detroit, MI* They actually threw us a fundraiser. She’s a great artist. You know, like, way, way back. The last couple shows were at the New Parish and at the Freight & Salvage — one show for the partying children and one for the sit-down crowd, you know. We used to play a Wednesday pizza gig. April 29 /// Bayou Theater /// Houston, TX* Born in Warsaw, Poland, band leader and front man Lech Wierzynski started playing blues and jazz as a teenager at after-hours jam sessions in Washington D.C. After studying trumpet with Marcus Belgrave, Wierzynski launched his own career in Oakland. Collective in Berkely. And she’s a very sweet, sweet lady. April 20 /// Paramount Theatre /// Seattle, WA* Where in the Bay Area have you played recently? LW: Yeah, I took a lot of lessons for the trumpet. But we have been [headlining] on our nights off from her. [1] Their second album, Spreadin' Honey was released in the summer of 2010. Keeping 'em separate so they don't get mad at each other. But we still recorded it ourselves at the house. She is exposing us to so many fans. When we started we literally made an album on garage band. We started playing on the street, mostly. LW: That’s a good question. June 5 /// Campout For The Cause at Rancho Del Rio /// Bond, CO Listening to Lech sing, it can be a surprise that he was born in Warsaw, Poland, and raised by Polish political refugees. Let's check, How Rich is Lech Kaczynski in 2019-2020? We tried to do our best with it. Their rhythms are punctuated by trumpet, piano riffs, and bluesy vocals. Get me outta here, please. That's been great. The band sold out two nights at The Fillmore in San Francisco in support of the album, and then embarked on a United States tour. The show's sold out, but you may find some tickets popping up on Craigslist or elsewhere. And then the next album after that, this last one, we said to hell with all that, we’re not going back in the studio. We want crowd involvement, to make people become a part of the whole thing by dancing along, singing, picking the songs and generally coming out of their shells. Music Reviews, Music News and Pop Culture. It's been great. LW: Three of us in the original band all had went to Oberlin at some point. What can you tell me about the new album? And we did a CD release for two nights in September at the Fillmore. https://sfist.com/2016/04/19/lech_wierzynski_california_honeydrops_interview

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