You need to enjoy the pressure, you can also be playing for nothing. Hernandez doesn’t get the break, and Liverpool can hack clear. Instead, his weak cross is easily snaffled by Fabianski. And his response is pretty interesting. They’ve got a great chance of doing it, but obviously their fans have to stick by and keep supporting them, especially when you’re leading and everyone’s chasing. Live feed Show. But we should remind ourselves Klopp’s side are still three clear at the top. Read more Sadio Mané brings title closer for Liverpool … Anyway, this is a free kick in a central position, 30 yards out. West Ham look much the happier as the players trudge off. In which case, Liverpool still had 94 minutes across the piece to score more than one goal. That was so close. I’m pretty sure they’ll be fine, they’ve got a fantastic squad of players and a world-class manager and do you know what? They scored the goal so it’s a deserved draw. We need to be our best for the rest of the season. It drops to Rice, totally free, 12 yards out! 85 min: Keita has the ball in the middle of West Ham territory. 87 min: Robertson and Mane pair up to zip down the left. This half of football has flown by. Our defending could have been a lot better, but it is what it is. 45 min: There will be one added minute. 59 min: Liverpool are looking very rusty. Salah takes a shot from the edge of the D. It hits van Dijk, who isn’t offside and can bustle down the inside-right channel. We should have scored more goals. Liverpool drop two precious points in the title race, having been unable to break down the robust and impressive Hammers. 90 min +2: Milner crosses from right. The second half there were so many free kicks for the other team in a counter-press situation when Naby wins the ball back and they go down. It is too early to talk about a title race. Robertson crosses low and hard, through the six-yard box, but Ogbonna toe-pokes it away from Firmino and out for a corner. The ball is sent wide right for Antonio, who instigates a game of pinball in the Liverpool area. But his flick to Salah comes off his team-mate’s arm, and the pressure is off. Jurgen Klopp races down the tunnel, preparing to tell his defenders a few home truths, I’ll be bound. Thanks for reading, and nighty night! But they make a balls of this one, Anderson dribbling in from the left and shooting witlessly into a thicket. We’re still top of the league, though we’ve made it hard for ourselves. The ball hits Ogbonna, just inside the area, on his arm. Liverpool extend their lead over Manchester City to three points, on 62 points, but they’ll be knocked off top spot in a couple of days should Pep Guardiola’s side win at Everton. He did not respond nicely. Premier League - Suivez en live la rencontre de Football opposant Liverpool et West Ham. West Ham United 1-1 Liverpool (Antonio 28), GOAL! Can Liverpool get one here? C'est Liverpool FC (Reds) qui recoit West Ham United FC (Hammers) pour ce match anglais du samedi 31 … Lallana is still moaning about the non-decision earlier. His team were very poor tonight. Fortunately for West Ham, it’s straight at Fabianski. His charges get the second half underway when the hosts eventually turn up. Milner finds a bit of space down the right and pulls one back for Keita, who shapes to shoot but hesitates. Liverpool certainly need something more from him. “It was not our best. No word from Manuel Pellegrini, so that’s your lot! And that’s it! 61 min: Salah jigs in from the right and shapes a shot around Cresswell, towards the far corner. He has the ball nicked off him by Rice, who launches a counter into the space left by the Liverpool defender. Salah looks pained. But Rice sends his header screaming over the bar when it was surely easier to score! We have to take our one point from tonight and keep going. But during the game I did not understand it because I didn’t know our goal was offside. West Ham United 0-1 Liverpool (Mane 22). What can we do? Title-chasing Liverpool will be pleased to hear the whistle, as they were beginning to seriously rock at the back. We take it game by game. Don’t go anywhere, this promises to be a rip-roaring second half! Felipe Anderson sends a diagonal curler over the top of the pack lined up on the edge of the box. Available for everyone, funded by readers. We’re gutted in there because their goal was a mile offside. And then I left, so nothing serious. I spoke to the ref about the situations but really calmly. It doesn’t look like it right now. They’re seeing plenty of the ball; they’re just not doing a great deal with it, and West Ham look extremely comfortable. It’s half cleared. Shaqiri takes. You could feel it sitting at home on my sofa. But he was a complete non-event in the first half, and this represents a big improvement. For the Liverpool people, I think it’d be fantastic if they did win it. But we’re still in the title race, and some teams are not. 83 min: Salah and Shaqiri try to combine down the inside-right channel, but the passes aren’t sticking. This match continues to entertain, even if the quality isn’t from the top drawer. On the touchline, Klopp claps in encouragement. His whipped cross is a dangerous one, but avoids everyone. But as a human being if I knew I made a big mistake in the first half, I don’t want to open the gap a bit more, so I understand that. Mon 4 Feb 2019 22.38 GMT Accordingly, they’re preparing to bring on Xherdan Shaqiri. We’re disappointed, but we go again.”. “January was a bad month, so to come here after three defeats was massive for us. This script almost writes itself. There will be plenty more twists yet. 41 min: Fabinho gives away another free kick, needlessly tripping a surrounded Hernandez out on the West Ham right. He can’t believe he’s missed it ... though he might (stress might, it was very close) have been offside. Up the other end, Allison races from the box only to head straight to Carroll! 58 min: Salah is sent free by Fabinho’s long ball down the inside left, but Fredericks has him covered and it turns out Salah is offside anyway. 54 min: And now Matip goes in the book as he drags Felipe Anderson to ground as the West Ham winger spins him. It looks for a nanosecond like he’s through, but Matip reads it well, sticks out a telescopic leg, intercepts and clears. Liverpool are collectively livid, and the crowd enjoyed that very much, cheering the decision almost as loudly as the equaliser. But Ogbonna clears. Liverpool are a fantastic team but we defended well tonight and we deserved to win. And he said we don’t talk at all. As well as that, we scared them with two or three counters. A corner that’s not awarded. He’s eventually dispossessed by Snodgrass, who wins a free kick into the bargain. 64 min: Liverpool’s desperation is beginning to bubble to the surface. First published on Mon 4 Feb 2019 18.45 GMT. Liverpool are out early, waiting for West Ham. 44 min: Mane nearly adds insult to injury, as he meets Milner’s inswinging free kick with a flashed header by the near post. 81 min: Origi motors his way down the left and is illegally tugged back. Lallana claims for a penalty, but that was totally accidental, Liverpool were never getting that. Fortunately for the keeper, Robertson is on hand to sweep up. 71 min: There’s not a great deal going on right now. 77 min: Felipe Anderson is sent racing down the left by Noble’s fine crossfield ball. Salah looks pained; the away fans sing his name by way of support. It’s not been a good week for Liverpool at all. It’s been a poor evening for Liverpool, a good evening for West Ham United, and an even better one for Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur. City will have played a game more, of course, but then Liverpool’s corresponding extra fixture is at Manchester United, and the form book suggests only one winner there. 75 min: Liverpool make their second change of the evening, hooking Firmino, strangely ineffectual tonight, and sending on Divock Origi. 65 min: Matip beckenbauers his way upfield, but there’s one feint too many. Liverpool, not so much. It’s just that Liverpool want to win the league so much. Ce match se déroule le 24 février 2020 et débute à 21:00. This time the free kick’s given, just to the left of the West Ham area. Robertson tries his luck, 30 yards out down the left. A free kick, and a chance for Liverpool to load the West Ham box. But the striker can’t sort his feet out, and shoots straight at Fabianski! 74 min: Keita’s cute dribble down the inside-left channel nearly opens up West Ham. West Ham have had their chances. The set piece falls to the feet of Salah, but Antonio is up in his grille in short order, and the danger is cleared. I asked is that the way we talk now? Jacob Steinberg was on hand at the London Stadium to witness the latest turn, and here’s his verdict. The West Ham captain sends a first-time shot inches over the bar. You have to defend really well, and keep your shape. 60 min: Hernandez is booked for coming through the back of Fabinho in the centre circle.

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