Local elections in parts of the United Kingdom were held on Thursday 2 May 2019, with 248 English local councils, six directly elected mayors in England, and all 11 local councils in Northern Ireland being contested. [7], A person with two homes (such as a university student having a term-time address and living at home during holidays) could register to vote at both addresses as long as the addresses are not in the same electoral area, and can vote in the local elections for the two different local councils. Local elections 2019. A by-election was held in Newcastle-under-Lyme, in addition to those indicated below. Five are for local authorities (the Mayoralty of Torbay is abolished this year): One election was held for a regional mayor: this newly established combined authority was set up by groups of local councils, much like similar devolution deals across the country, giving the combined authorities additional powers and funding. Jennings instead noted the results better fit the transition in British politics; where large cities, areas with high student population and professionals moving towards Labour, whilst deindustrialised towns are moving towards the Conservatives. [44] Homes with Labour, Liberal Democrat and Green signs were damaged in Lewes,[45] and a Liberal Democrat candidate's car was attacked and painted with swastikas in Faversham. Internal party sources has voiced a negative outlook to the success of these elections,[39] with the deputy chair of the party saying it was an opportunity for voters to protest against the party's handling of the Brexit negotiations. Unitary authorities for Bournemouth and Poole have merged with Christchurch district council to form one new unitary for the eastern portion of Dorset, to replace the aforementioned county council. December 1918: Women Vote for the First Time, Fight for the vote: the 1819 Peterloo Massacre, Rosa May Billinghurst: The Disabled Suffragette, Timeline: Legal Development of Citizens Rights and Equality UK. What is spoiling your ballot, and how do you do it? [26], According to the Electoral Reform Society, there are 148 councillors who were elected unopposed, largely Conservatives. What is the difference between Government and Parliament? If you want to know who is standing to be a Councillor in your area, just input your postcode into this helpful tool. [16], Brexit dominated UK politics leading up to the local elections. You just need to know your name, address and your national insurance number. [59] Sir John Curtice, who calculated the BBC's national projected vote share, commented that the rise of smaller parties and in particular the independents showed a dissatisfaction with the party system presently. In 30 English unitary authorities the whole council is up for election. Acceptance of any contribution, gift or grant is at the discretion of the Voting Counts. Nine other unitary authorities were elected on new ward boundaries. Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole*[64][65]. Local council elections in England and Wales use the first-past-the-post system. SEARCH FOR ELECTIONS IN YOUR LOCAL AREA . [54], The elections were marked by a number of spoiled ballots expressing anger toward the Brexit stances of the Conservative and Labour parties. Five mayoral elections and one combined authority mayoral election were also held on 3 May 2018. The Guardian UK: Politics Weekly Local elections, Brexit deadlock and online abuse towards Jess Phillips - Politics Weekly podcast. find out more about how you could be come a councillor here. The biggest winners were the Liberal Democrats, who gained 704 seats to make a total of 1,351 councillors. [24] There has been pressure within the Conservative party on prime minister Theresa May to resign following the local elections, triggering a new leadership election. [1] Some have argued that the Conservatives put their expectations so low so that the impact of losses were reduced. [58] Media reports described the results as poor for both Labour and the Conservatives, with many noting decline of Labour representation in some leave areas. [61] Martin Baxter, the creator of the political analytics website Electoral Calculus, suggested that the election data indicated that the next general election could produce a Labour-Scottish Nationalist coalition government.[62]. It was also regarded as a disappointing result for the Labour because of expectations that they would gain. [9][10], A majority of the councils up for election in this year were last elected in 2015, the same day as the general election. [21] Because of this longer extension, the UK participated within elections to the European Parliament in order to avoid a no-deal scenario on 1 June. Will it work? However, except for gifts of cash and publicly traded securities, no value shall be ascribed to any receipt or other form of substantiation of a gift received by Voting Counts. The pre-election period, also known as purdah, is the time between an election is announced and the date the election is held. [46], The Conservatives lost control of 44 councils and more than 1,300 council seats. [49], Parties supporting remaining in the EU performed well. [35], Similarly, the Conservatives focused their campaign away from Brexit and instead on efficient local services, low council tax and green credentials. Their changes have seen the public procurement budget rise significantly, unemployment decrease and quality of life improve. Elections also took place for most English parish councils. [36][37][38] This detraction from Brexit, however, has been quite difficult. North Devon: the election in Chittlehampton ward (1 councillor) has been postponed due to the death of independent candidate Walter White. [8], Ten local authorities in England required voters to provide identification as part of trial schemes. The most recent local government elections were held on 2 May 2019 and included: Metropolitan districts; Shire districts; Unitary authorities. Local councils set the rates of Council Tax for your area, these rates have a direct impact on your income as well as the services in your area. Swing figures are the changes between the BBC projected national equivalent vote share from the, all 11 local councils in Northern Ireland, https://localcouncils.co.uk/2019/04/quit-the-elder/, https://localcouncils.co.uk/2019/04/have-a-happy-halliday/, https://twitter.com/councilsUK/status/1123716880274001920, https://www.halsteadgazette.co.uk/news/north_essex_news/17564047.tributes-paid-to-dedicated-parish-councillor/, "Opinion: Local elections have shown that Brexit ambiguity will cost Labour votes", "Two main parties punished in UK local elections", "The Guardian view on local elections: national lessons for Brexit", "Local elections: Results in maps and charts", "Local elections: Where are the polls and how do I vote? Herefordshire: the election in Ross North ward (1 councillor) has been postponed to 6 June following the death of UKIP candidate Gareth Williams. the LGA’s Political Group Office’s appointments to our governance structures for the new political year. There have been a few cases of councillors, from the Labour and Conservative parties, being assaulted whilst campaigning. Tips and rules for social media platforms during purdah. [17] In addition, an online petition calling for revocation of the UK's withdrawal notification under Article 50 TEU reached over 6 million signatures, becoming the fastest signed petition ever in the UK. [12][11] Various sources have predicted a loss of seats for the Conservatives between 500-1000;[27][56] with Conservative peer Lord Robert Hayward projected that them losing at least 800 seats, predicting 500 to go to the Liberal Democrats and 300 to Labour. [27] New parties the Brexit Party and Change UK, although both standing in European elections later in the month, did not stand in the local elections. South Staffordshire: the election in Wombourne South West ward (2 councillors) has been postponed to 6 June due to the death of Conservative candidate Mary Bond. Voting Counts will accept donations of cash or publicly traded securities. Choices made by the council will have visible impacts on your community, make sure that you’ve been part of choosing who makes these decisions. [55] In the voter id trial areas an average of 102 voters in each pilot area failed to vote due to not having the required documentation, compared with 70 per pilot area in 2018. You can you can only vote for one candidate, by putting a cross [X] in the box next to your choice. Download free voter registration and engagement posters, perfect for colleges and universities. 46 of these councils are electing on new ward boundaries, including six councils which normally elect by thirds: Carlisle, Crawley, Norwich, Preston, Reigate and Banstead and Runnymede. In 33 of the 36 English metropolitan borough councils, one-third of their seats were up for election. [13] The Liberal Democrats made gains in 2018; David Cutts, a professor of political science at the University of Birmingham, argued that the 2019 elections would be more a test of their relevance as the elections were in old strongholds of theirs. Voting Counts will respect the intent of the donor relating to gifts for restricted purposes and those relating to the desire to remain anonymous. Election overview. Why should I vote if I live in a safe seat? English Local elections, 2017. Voting Counts will use the information you provide on this form to be in touch with you and to provide updates and marketing. The seats in Northern Ireland were last regularly contested in 2014. Daventry originally had elections scheduled for 2019, but the elections were postponed following a decision to merge the seven districts of Northamptonshire into two unitary authorities covering the county from 2020. Voting Counts will not compensate, whether through commissions, finders' fees, or other means, any third party for directing a gift or a donor to Voting Counts. [23], Vince Cable, leader of the Liberal Democrats, announced on 14 March that he would be stepping down from that role, with a new leadership election to be held after the May local elections. Podcast. All Rights Reserved. [57] Because the group of local councils varies with each cycle of local elections, the BBC and other analysts calculated a projected national vote share, which aims to assess what the council results indicate the UK-wide vote would be if the results were repeated at a general election. This election was the largest rise in Green council seat gains in 20 years. What is a Police & Crime Commissioner (PCC)? [48] Labour, despite topping national polls, lost 6 councils and more than 80 seats. Six direct mayoral elections were held. For more detail on future elections, the Ministry of Houseing, Communities and Local Government publish a list of election cycles by type of local authority in England. [41], The Liberal Democrats had stressed their opposition to Brexit in campaigning[28][29] in some areas, whilst not mentioning the issue in campaign literature in others, such as leave-voting Sunderland. ", "The Leith Police dismisseth us | LocalCouncils.co.uk", "Types of election, referendums, and who can vote", "I have two homes.

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