11/28- Thursday- No School. So, I thought I’d give it a try. Students were put in a seating chart and Mr. Fox started to learn names. I highly recommend them. 9/03-Monday-No School Labor Day. 9/05 Thursday- Today in class we collected Fox Den Photos. This will be students 1st Work Ethic Score of the school year. Looks like you’ve clipped this slide to already. Including an Oceans and Continents challenge. sticks which will be used to call on students throughout the year. Study in Google Classroom under Notes for Students! Th, This is a great resource students can use to visualize the fulfillment of the Manifest Destiny of the United States. Today in class we reviewed our tests and how to fill out a LIAP form under Assignments and Activities. Relax and Enjoy your last day of summer! 9/25 Wednesday- Today was an early release day and Fall Fun Day. Then we did vocab from the article as a class with Ms. Monnett and ended class with students in partners answering comprehension questions on the article. Remember it's the Spanish because when Columbus discovers the Americas for Europe his trip was paid for by Spain. 9/04- Tuesday-  Today in class we learned about Culture and the  history of Labor Day. To help students develop the Process skill of TEKS 29.A and 29.B I have made a map & activity/or timeline for every unit in Texas history from Regions of Texas threw WW1. 10/11 Friday-  Today we reviewed our notes answers and went over each one. What do the colors mean? 11/27-Wednesday- No School Due to Thanksgiving Break. Students need to talk to parents if they don't know an event that happened in their life in a particular year. Then we had an exploration day where students got to go into Google Classroom and watch videos, read articles and explore many different links on Jamestown. You can use any and all notes! Questions! Directions to create an accompanying key is also What's Included:French and Indian War Map, ***Includes a GOOGLE Version! Atlantic Ocean. Included: Make sure to tell me when you do so I can grade it for you! All students got to play outside with the other teams and have fun and meet new students not on their team. We will review these notes tomorrow and test out of European Exploration early next week. No School for 7th or 8th grade. We then started learning about the Oceans and Continents and ended class with some partner work, quizzing students on the Oceans and Continents. See our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Most classes got to about 40 minutes. In particular we learned about Yorktown and the Treaty of Paris. We watched a Wales theory and a Polynesia theory. If you missed the lesson on How Manifest Destiny Came to be Follow the Instructions Below. This includes Mr. Fox's Website, Team Galaxy's Website and Google Classroom. If you were gone the classcode to join is under Assignments and Activities. 1803-1853 This assignment is in Google Classroom! Then we reviewed our Fire Drill Protocol and Intruder Drill Protocol. Teachers Pay Teachers is an online marketplace where teachers buy and sell original educational materials. This will be students 1st grade of the  year! We also practiced our 50 States and Oceans and Continents. We reviewed our notes policy for the Trimesters and previewed what would be on the test tomorrow. This is a comprehensive bundle loaded with new, common core activities that are guided by key concepts for Social Science. We will debrief on Monday. Each section of the article had questions to be added to their notes. )Manifest Destiny Bundle with Answer Keys, Manifest Destiny Map Review Activity BUNDLE, Manifest Destiny Map / Mapping Westward Expansion Activity, Manifest Destiny Map Activity & Gallery Walk for Distance Learning or in class, US History: French & Indian War-Reconstruction Curriculum for Distance Learning, Manifest Destiny Map - Leveled Geography Activity, Manifest Destiny Map Review Activity DISTANCE LEARNING, Missouri Compromise Map Activity (Print and Digital), Manifest Destiny and Expansion of United States Bundle, Westward Expansion Manifest Destiny Complete Unit Activity Bundle & Notes, US History Year in Curriculum Mega Bundle Common Core Grades 6-8 Activities, Westward Expansion Stations, Annotated Timeline,Graphic Organizer & Map Activity, Manifest Destiny/Westward Expansion ~Gallery Walk Activity~ | Distance Learning, U.S. History: Gallery Walk Bundle | 7 Complete Activities | Distance Learning, Google Ready Westward Expansion Manifest Destiny Complete Unit Distance Learning, Google Classroom US History Year in Curriculum Mega Bundle: Distance Learning, Westward Expansion/Manifest Destiny U.S. Worksheet/Homework/Printable/Activity.

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