“We’re here to gather as much information as they want us to gather. I don’t think there’s a defense for his defense, the way he played it,” Vencenie said Monday on “Hit That Line.”, “He was inattentive. Quickley’s elite shooting package showed that there is a chance for him to provide some NBA value. I don’t buy Jaden as a guy that maximizes his potential, but if he gets close the Nets could look genius. No spam guarantee. On the offensive end, he needs to diversify his finishing package and refine his shot, but projects to provide value in time. Tremendous free throw generator His production is usable in the regular season, but he will not be an asset in the playoff due to his (non-interior) defensive limitations. Decent rebounder for his size He is still likely to be bet on in a low maintenance role somewhere like Charlotte, but chances are he goes higher than this, but I did not see a fit I really liked. I like Jalen’s fit on the Celtics as a utility big who can stretch the floor, finish plays, block shots, play drop coverage, and run pick and pop (+ roll). However, the 76ers could bet on the interior production and potential shot blocking he provides, and could invest in him as a bench center for the regular season. Dotson had a very productive year at Kansas, showing his outside touch, defensive effort, finishing package, and ability to run an offense. Highlights of the 1/8/20 Arkansas-LSU Game from YouTube via Matthew Loves Ball, Highlights of the 2/26/20 Arkansas-Tennessee Game from YouTube via WARMACHINE2013, 12/7/19 Arkansas vs. Western Kentucky Ramsey provided his value as an athletic outside weapon. While I find it more likely that he goes bust or provides empty production at best, he still will get selected for his regular season production. If he can clean up his turnovers and show that the shooting improvements are legitimate, Naji could be a second round steal for a rotation wing. He could find a bench role with the Hawks quickly, and is certainly a big worth taking a late second round pick on. As a guy that can play solely off the ball and shoot in a myriad of situations, he would be sure to help the Lakers in their championship aspirations. By Bryan Kalbrosky | … We are competitive.”. He can run the secondary initiator role, act as a game manager, or play as a general glue guy with tremendous spot up value. His offense has shown legit flashes of occasional shooting, advanced finishing, and high motor play. Although he’s moved up in the last few weeks from the absolute bottom of NBADraftRoom’s 2nd Round mock to No. A high floor wing would be just what the Kings are looking for. I am a bit more skeptical that he will drive winning to the degree he is hyped up to, and also worry a ton about his engagement defensively. UPDATED Few draft analysts give Arkansas guard Mason Jones any love when it comes to the 2020 NBA Draft. Why not take a risk on working with Tillie? 2020 Draft Age: 21.9 years (July 21, 1998). New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Updated as of 9/9/2020, scouting report written by Alan Lu. Okoro has lockdown defense on the perimeter to pair with admirable maturity and decision making. While Hampton fell considerable further than I expected whilst doing this, I feel it is certainly possible given the ambiguity of his game. Look no further than Onyeka Okongwu, who would be an instant contributor on both ends for the Hawks. Defensively though, his ability to defend in space was terrible, as his hips and footwork were often abysmal. Last Updated: 10/19/20. I see myself like Jimmy Butler. Not overly explosive but is comfortable handling the ball and is a very good defender. “I think that the beauty of it is you have different voices in the draft, so I respect all of those guys’ craft and what they bring to the table,” Phillips told Morning Rush co-host Tye Richardson. Where logical evaluation and substance generate discussion, rather than conventional stereotypes and uninspiring cliches.

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