But our World War Two history always started with when the Americans got into the war. The bodies were buried, but not very deep – we can bust this myth.”. I didn’t tell Carl that because I didn’t want it to be awkward. One collaboration we had discussed during our last interview three years ago, however, has still yet to materialise: her elusive synth-pop record with John Grant. It was such an honest song about love.” The track became a mainstay of her live sets after the release of The Worse Things Get..., bringing not just Neko but her audience to tears on an almost nightly basis, a response which led her to approach Eric to record it. She collaborated beyond her regular cast of players—”I didn’t have to let go of anything if I didn’t want to, but other people have better ideas sometimes, y’know?”—in at an unfamiliar studio in an unfamiliar country, leaving behind her “man friend Jeff, three dogs, three cats, five chickens and two horses” for six weeks. La famille s'installe finalement dans l'ouest du pays, à Tacoma, une ville de l'État de Washington. When Neko Case describes herself early in our interview as “kind of a rabbit-holer”, she’s ostensibly talking about the creative process behind her new album. It was on a small radio station in Tuscon, Arizona, and I had to pull my car over and cry. Il a été nominé lors des Grammy Awards dans la catégorie Meilleur album de musique alternative mais n'a pas remporté la récompense. “Sometimes I’m kind of amazed that we haven’t done this sooner, but then when I think about what both of our schedules are like, it kind of makes sense. “Long-legged mazes and English geometry.” Before I have the chance to ask her about that moment, Case explains. She came in[to that song] like a Valkyrie. Case’s glowing book report leads to a new conversational rabbit hole. “The me back then was definitely doing a lot of chronic math,” she notes, echoing a key line in “Winnie”—”Sick on chronic mathematics / I just wanted to hear music.” She elaborates on the formula behind these maths, describing the way she experienced listening to music growing up: “Where are the women? “Hell-On would lessen the chronic grip of the math [for her]. Elle s'est produite durant de nombreuses années avec son groupe Neko Case & Her Boyfriends avant de commencer une carrière solo. “It’s kind of a love song about the New Pornographers. Winnie Lyrics: I'm here to tell you a story / I'm here to tell you a lie / My poetry's weak and I know it / I was drop dead sad and crazy sometimes / So I fucked off, wayward cannon to the sea Compared to the rendition released a few years ago by The National and St. Vincent for a Merge Records compilation. You just have to throw yourself at that stuff.”, When I ask if she ever considered taking lessons, particularly after she mentions her lack of natural vibrato–a rare quality in a singer–Case says no. Gumball Blue 7. By comparison, Hell-On was much easier to make, thanks to the fact that, as Case puts it, she “wasn’t deeply depressed at the time” (“Man,” she immediately asides. I fucking knew it! Case is just happy that the album might allow more people to find the track in the first place. Things really start to make sense, and the patterns start to stick out. “He said to me ‘You know, sometimes people are really busy worrying about the transitions in a song, like how to get from the chorus back to the bridge. “Do you get blue raspberry flavour in the UK? It’s just whatever machine kicks in to get you from point a to point b. And it’s just one of those things that validates everything – you feel like you naturally understand. It’s still there, and it’s still ours to go and reclaim. https://fr.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Neko_Case&oldid=170579116, Étudiant de l'université d'Art et Design Emily Carr, Catégorie Commons avec lien local identique sur Wikidata, Article de Wikipédia avec notice d'autorité, Page pointant vers des bases relatives à la musique, Portail:Biographie/Articles liés/Culture et arts, licence Creative Commons attribution, partage dans les mêmes conditions, comment citer les auteurs et mentionner la licence. Partly as an attempt to make sense of the current state of the world, Case has found herself becoming something of an acolyte of ancient history: “It’s obviously been a really bad time in America for a really long time, and it’s been a bad time all over the place, but we’re supposed to study ancient history. Case’s enthusiasm for The Amazons is rooted in the “excited, positive way” in which it was written, and she has even provided a pull-quote for recent editions of the book as well as talking about it for a recent Best Fit podcast “[Mayor] really points out all of the history where women were actually there, where we’re told we weren’t. “‘I’m just a vessel for the muuuse.’”, We chat again a few weeks later, the conversation turning to the track “Gumball Blue” (more on which later), when Case astutely expands on her efforts to balance obliqueness with relatability in her lyrics. Winnie 10. Scroll. My throat isn’t shaped that way.’ kd [lang] said she could teach me how to do it, and then she said ‘No, you know what? Hell-On - The New Album From Neko Case - Out now on ANTI- Records. After admitting how my mind conjures images of military history-laden bookshelves of the mid-life-crisis-bound, I leave our interview with a reading list (The Amazons, for starters, but also Tom Holland’s Dynasty, and Margaret MacMillan’s The War That Ended Peace), as well as some perspective on the subject’s importance. Arguably one of the most straightforwardly catchy tracks in her catalogue, its lyrical conceit was simple—“I like fairy tales, and I thought that there’s a lot of superstitions in the world, so I could make some up and tie them in in some way.” Yttling’s response was to stick the chorus at the very start of the song, a pretty standard trick for some, but one which Case describes as a “balls-out” move. But it’s like how you imagine you would just have to black out the situation. Blue is not a food! Although Case's new record Hell-On comes five years after its predecessor, it can hardly be said that Case has been idle during this time. The two Newman/Case co-writes on Hell-On sound like the joint work of no two other songwriters, thanks in no small part to the fact that Case happens to prefer the elements of songwriting which Carl doesn’t (and vice versa). The most revelatory of the pair is “Gumball Blue”, the album’s understated masterpiece, which takes the subtle electronic touches which have graced recent New Pornographers albums and refracts them through nuanced layers of Case's production. Hell-On 2. You’re building this bridge – these are your peers, from there to there, so you have a little span. Neko Case left her comfort zone for new album Hell-On, inspired by the women who shaped civilisation. Neko Case (née le 8 septembre 1970 à Alexandria, dans l'État de Virginie) est une chanteuse de country alternative américaine célèbre tout autant pour sa carrière en solo que pour ses contributions au sein du groupe de rock-indépendant The New Pornographers. “I didn’t phone it in. “One of the reasons I got really into history is that I also got really into World War Two, like a forty-year-old British man,” she explains, as my face visibly reddens. It was just difficult”. Un nouvel album solo, intitulé Hell-On, est annoncé pour le 1er juin 2018[2]. That isn’t something that’s explained to you, it’s innate. One line which piques my interest seems to be aimed at her partners in crime; “I’ve lived singing your songs,” she sings.

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