Bookmark the permalink. No compromise with liars and dishonest propagandists. However, there is a real risk in engaging in such post hoc analysis. This opinion is often cited by courts as a prime example of how statistics and “scientific” evidence can be misused and down right dangerous to the pursuit of justice. The power of data in higher education isn’t what’s in question: Using data appropriately can result in impressive gains for a college and its students. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Higher education administrators, faculty, advisors, and consultants poorly communicate what data is, and how applied mathematics is helpful in analyzing data to solve or understand problems in higher education. The study also found that women accumulate about $1 million less in assets over their lifetime than men. Hacker has gone as far as to say that students, educators, and the like should learn to be skeptical about numbers, especially when they’re situated in the real world. Numbers don't lie, but liars do. Naked Statistics by Charles Wheelan. Tribe had a math degree from Harvard in addition to his J.D. This dovetails with many others understanding that data has its imperfections, one being its non-neutral nature. Trial by Mathematics: Precision and Ritual in the Legal Process by Laurence Tribe, Harvard Law Review, 1971. A Systematic Approach to Clinical Determinations of Causation in Symptomatic Spinal Disk Injury Following Motor Vehicle Crash Trauma by Michael D. Freeman, PhD, MPH, DC, Christopher J. Centeno, MD, and Sean S. Kohles, PhD. Reference Manual on Scientific Evidence prepared by the Federal Judicial Center. Grant County Beat • Powered by Amazon Web Services R5a.Large Joomla Instance • Site Design by Toolie Web Design. At the very least, we could realize that using numbers to determine our take-out budgets and understand human behavior are two very different activities. The drumbeat to “fix” the 401(k) seems to be starting a little earlier this year—though the cures seem more likely to kill the patient. You can unsubscribe anytime. The author then reels us in with a cynical assessment of how numbers are used to do exactly that. First, we must acknowledge that often when we communicate and share numbers we are really talking about data on people, systems, and norms, none of which are abstractions or neutral. While it may seem insignificant on the surface, any attempt to codify commonly-used language impacts the way people (ourselves included) understand and communicate what we as practitioners and policymakers do. I’m not saying ignore the problem, but when numbers are manipulated to reach a conclusion, not only do we not accurately identify the cause of a problem but too often we create a problem where one doesn’t exist. “Figures don’t lie, but liars figure.”, “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damn lies and statistics.”. Not all ability, of course, I’m still smarter than my sisters! Another factor in the conclusions drawn by the research team is that when anyone leaves the workforce for any reason, then re-enters the workforce, they take on average a 20% pay cut. While there, Richard received the Chief Postal Inspector's Special Award and a letter of commendation from the U.S. Attorney General for his work prosecuting a major money order fraud scheme being perpetrated out of the Indiana State Prison system. In fact, it might be said that Seife’s position is, as a variation of an old aphorism goes, “figures lie and liars figure.” I don’t intend to provide a book review here; you … But to reiterate: Data is not neutral. Those same human beings must also be taught to think of math differently. New Mexico News Services COVID-19 opinion columns, Your Business Connection by New Mexico Business Coalition. I don’t care if you are female or male, if you work less than someone else, it’s much more likely that you aren’t going to save as much or acquire as much wealth. 3. At the end of the interview, the women still stuck to their point, that there is a gender wage and wealth gap. This list of reading should be both interesting and informative to the trial attorney confronted with the use of statistics. Following law school, Richard served as a federal law clerk in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Indiana, Hammond Division. The court reversed a criminal conviction where a prosecutor improperly used statistical arguments in a robbery case involving a multi-racial couple. Richard is also a member of the ITLA and the ABA. I was listening to a show on Fox Business in which 2 guests, both female, were discussing a recent study in which they had been involved that concerning not only the gender wage gap but also the gender wealth gap. In this regard I would recommend the following reading: 1. How would you feel for example, if the State of Indiana came into court refusing to pay the Lotto Jackpot on your winning ticket by arguing that you could not have won it because the odds of winning are one in seven million.

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