If our goal is a naturally balanced ecosystem, the plan should include support for the predator-prey relationship. $('#divSatisfiChat #iframeContainer').attr('style', Style); All sides must compromise. //this will be fired after the app is shown. We share your deep concern, especially if this plan moves forward. We cannot take the chance that a lapse in appropriations down the road could result in thousands of American mustangs being sent to slaughter. EOC Review . BLM has historically demonstrated an unwillingness to try humane fertility control measures that are acceptable to the American people in the majority of HMAs. There is also a degree of sadism I have observed with certain individuals in these roundup crews—i.e. Position: { The BLM’s arbitrary AML figures as currently set fail to take these scientific facts into consideration. We know that we can count on you to lend your voice, as needed, to champion our wild families, who cannot speak for themselves. If there is a scientific basis to show that the land cannot support large grazers in these numbers, then an alternative solution for both horses and livestock must be considered—i.e. Amazon gets interim relief; arbitration panel says Future cannot sell biz to RIL, Festive bonanza: Reliance rolls back salary cuts, offers bonus, Punjab farmers burn effigies of PM Modi, Union govt in protest against farm laws, RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das tests positive for Covid-19; to continue work from isolation, Army commanders to review situation in Ladakh, internal reforms at 4-day conference from Monday, In just 3 months, Elon Musk's SpaceX valuation doubled to whopping over $100 billion by Morgan Stanley, Army Chief General MM Naravane scheduled to visit Nepal from November 4-6 with an aim to reset ties, Onion prices drop by up to Rs 10/kg in consuming markets on govt action against hoarding, Festive season: Amazon, Flipkart roll out another sale; focus on smartphones, electronics, appliances, Karnataka HC restrains Franklin Templeton from winding up its six schemes without investors' consent, Copyright © By contrast, the digestive system of the horse requires it to move. var Config = { 7:30pm. So, a discussion of forage allocation is long overdue! EXTINCTION. There were years in which nearly all the foals were killed by predators, until BLM encouraged the killing of the mountain lions, necessitating a return to human control of wild animal reproduction. We are actively working on alternative solutions to this disastrous proposal and we will see the fight through. In the groundbreaking film Racing Extinction, director Louie Psihoyos and the group behind the Academy Award-winning film ‘The Cove’ assemble a team of artists and activists on a new undercover operation to expose the world of endangered species trafficking and the race to prevent mass extinction. Given the BLM’s mandate to manage our horses in “self-sustaining, healthy herds”, they would be in violation of the law if they did not consider the potential for these unique herds to decline and eventually die out if maintained at current, unsubstantiated low AML numbers. We encourage you to contact your representatives and senators and urge them not to support this proposal as-is. As far as we know, AML has never been subjected to peer review, scientific inquiry or validation. Money earmarked for fertility control programs must not be used to fund removals, for example. "Racing Extinction," which depicts this and other topics, screens at Sundance Ogden on Jan. 25. Unit 3 Supply and Demand . Since the future of our wild herds depends on the ability of this government agency to get it right, BLM needs to justify their AML projections. Further dialogue on this very complex issue is necessary and all stakeholders should have a seat at the table. These HMAs are examples of what can be accomplished with a willing BLM team and a committed group of volunteers and should be recognized as such. HideDefaultLaunch: false, "With the potential loss of so many of the Earth's species, the ABQ BioPark's efforts to help protect imperiled species is timelier than ever,", "Conservation is a vital part of the ABQ BioPark's mission and is a passion shared by staff. I also question if the genetic viability and diversity of our herds was considered in the construction of this plan? This last report made 24 years ago listed every western wild horse and burro herd, the population estimate, the appropriate management level, the date of the last census and whether BLM and the Forest Service planned to continue to manage wild horses and burros in the HA. 6 and 12 Week Common Assessment. should be exempt from inclusion in this plan. All Rights Reserved. In partnership with Discovery and the Ocean Preservation Society (OPS), Paul G. Allen, a co-Executive Producer of the film, and his Vulcan Productions, have launched an action campaign around Racing Extinction to empower audiences to join the fight to save these animals while there is still time. “Racing Extinction is a gripping film that vividly demonstrates the serious threats our beautiful planet faces today. Only one group of stakeholders benefits from this arrangement, and we don’t need a peer-reviewed study to see who it is. Financial Express is now on Telegram. The vast majority of Americans are staunchly opposed to having their mustangs stampeded, traumatized, injured and killed. ChatLabel: { The mission of the campaign is long-term reduction of both carbon emissions and consumer demand for endangered species. The bodily and psychological trauma is appalling. LoadingImageUrl:'https://dashboard.satis.fi/Resources/Logos/803/0051d4a39f77443abd0be46eb3ead21d.png', We cannot stress enough that the HMAs that have already successfully implemented humane measures of fertility control should be exempt from the provisions of this plan. $20. We believe that the film will invoke passion amongst Indian viewers and will inspire everyone to preserve it for a better tomorrow,” added Rahul.

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