This magpie gives Collingwood supporters a good name. Chris., Hi Everyone, I have rode many rail trails in Victoria (almost all of them in fact) and this one has to be my favourite. The tunnel was great and the kids loved going through it, as it was very dark. It is much smoother than previously. Other highlights were the wildlife (including a wombat, an echidna, a pelican and wedge tailed eagles), the Cheviot tunnel and the magnificent old eucalypts before arriving in Mansfield. I also disagree wit the comments on 10th Oct. The trip as a whole was a pleasant one and well worth doing at least once with views mainly of the Goulburn river in the early sections of the track followed by lots of green rolling hills and cattle and then the lakes and water ways of Bonnie Doon. Onto Yea with the bridge ova the Goulburn river again a highlight as it was on day 1, very surprised at how fast and swirly this magnificent river flows and a beautiful colour. We stayed overnight in Tallarook at the hotel - very friendly, clean, firm bed, good dinner, warm fire and breakfast made at the time we asked so we could leave early. We then rode on to Yea, overnighting at Wood duck cottage We all rode mountain bikes and found the first 6 kms of trail from Trawool very manageable. I’d rate it as a good intermediate trip due to the duration. Upon reaching Mansfield, a beer and feed in the Delatite Hotel were required before settling into our tent, content with the fact that our longest day of riding was done. Official website may have been having a bad day but link is still correct. The descriptions on this website were a great help. The climb up to Cheviot Tunnel was steady, but just a little damaged in places due to the recent rain. Beautiful countryside, the shearers quarters we highly recommend, great shade, enough facilities and something interesting for the kids everyday. We were under the impression the whole Trail was completed, but as Hops has highlighted, bridge works are still in progress and there needs to be more picnic tables and interpretive and kilometre signs which I presume will be forthcoming. Yea is a good place to stop for lunch. How’s the serenity?! For example the attitude of the staff member at the Merton roadhouse when I asked for water was one of annoyance and bordering on rude. What a GREAT weekend. Tallarook hotel did a lovely Sat breakfast for us (we arranged beforehand). The climb up to Merton’s gap is the toughest part of this section – especially from Cathkin. Western Australia, Status: Cathkin was the junction for the Alexandra branch line. 1. if (strValidChars.indexOf(strChar) == -1) I guess parts of the trail will 'bed down' but at them moment it looks like the trail will rapidly become eroded. Just finished the entire trail over two days, thoughly enjoyed it. I don’t often ride 70+ kms in a day carrying baggage so I was pretty tired by the time I arrived. MTBs got by OK, and I managed fairly well with a 700c x 38mm cross front tyre with aggressive knobs, which could just get purchase to climb out of ruts. Hope this information helps on your trip. Watch out for snakes in Summer / hot weather. Did the whole trail, from Mansfield to Tallarook last weekend. I rode from Tallarook to Mansfield yesterday, stayed overnight at the Delatite hotel in Mansfield and then returned to my parked car in Tallarook this afternoon. It is a great ride. Overall this is a magnificent Rail Trail and heartiest "congratulations" to all who have worked so hard to see it completed. I rode it with a mate over 2 days and stayed at Alexandra - 70km per day. Next morning we choose the also unsafe highway before rejoining the metallic section of the trail; It's a very long trail and two years ago there was almost nothing there (except Bonnie Doon - Mansfield). Overall a fabulous ride on a fabulous trail. With recent rains I suspect these sections are all but impassable on slippery clay except for mountain bikes. The Yea tunnel is a must see and worth the climb up the range. Yea is the main cafe stop-off on the 75km route, and refill bidons there. From the station head east across the tracks and follow the signs marked “Rail Trail”. I agree with others that the new trail is a credit to all concerned – well constructed, generally well sign-posted, and traversing very attractive countryside. The kids enjoyed the puppy Bonny and the 20 year old cockatoo farewelled us the next morning. We're planning to ride this trail at Easter and need to know status of the trail before we leave. If you have mobility issues, you can use a motorised scooter the trail. It is a very nice trail, with good scenery and variety in the trail to keep it interesting. I am not a seasoned rider but managed 240 km reasonably well but would encourage panniers as opposed to a backpack which accentuated 'rear-end' difficulties due to the extra weight. Click below to Join or Renew. After that 10km climb, the ride down and across the flats to Yea was also enjoyable, coming into Yea unexpectedly from the south instead of the east as the road does. Even went for us when we walked out of the pub and put our helmets on (yes - under the verandah!!!) Beyond Ken Reid it's only 8 km's into Lindsay at William Street North. We were surprised at how well maintainedand level the terrain was considering the number of ATVsthat passed us. Anyone using the path Tallarook to Kerrisdale the path has a poor surface that has lots of washouts.The surface has sand on it which has washed away.Parts of the path at Tallarook end have no sand at all.Who is responsible for this mess. What a great trail! We rode a total of 267k's at an average speed of 17kph, about 16hrs in the saddle ova 4 days. We've already welcomed lots of cyclists along the trail in Yea and hope many more will explore this wonderful part of Victoria. Also, any photos or videos you may have taken of your adventures on this or any other trail are welcome as well. Of the states, Victoria has the most developed rail trails. We where very lucky with the weather for this time of the year and while it was very cold on the return ride on Sunday we all enjoyed the trail. It's just a quick 10 km into the community of Cameron. A fair section of the Bellarine Rail Trail had been completed with this surface, and after many complaints, the Council recently upgraded the track with a finer crushed surface. Thank you for your support! The kids loved it. Kawartha Region Conservation Authority. - Again, and as others have noted, two basic types of track surfacing have been used: a black metalic material which is excellent; and a loamy sand which is occasionally poor to terrible. Overall, a well maintained 75km trail with a few kms of quirky rut obstacles demanding respect. These were lightly constructed railways used for logging. I rode this trail in November 2014, out and back, Mansfield to Tallarook, Seymour and then back to Mansfield via Alexandria. It was an excellent experience and something that I will treasure for ever, to have spent this time with him and his friends, I personally have done this Complete Trail Ride by myself a few times but this was the most rewarding and enjoyable. The start of construction also coincided with the incorporation of the village of Fenelon Falls. I rode this trail yesterday (31/1/15) – from Cathkin to Mansfield and back. Hi Horserider. (Don't go via back streets - there's a Hill!) Overall, great trail. We cycled through the traditional lands of the Taungurubg (Daung Wurrung). I love to ride the trails but this was not fun. Timber tramways were once common around the state. Molesworth is small town with a general store, caravan park, motel/ wine bar /restaurant. A great asset to the 3 shires involved, more work needs to be done before completion, huge variability in surface conditions disappointing...however a potential tourist boon for business along the route, and a great asset for locals.. The station is used by the historical society with some carriages, and the large tourist information centre is adjacent. Completed this ride just before the really hot weather in December 2014. Dinner and bistro facilities where great. Light rain tomorrow morning and afternoon. These sections were relatively dangerous with deep gulleys cutting across them and the surface gravel washed away all together in places. Anthony Albanese, Minister for Infrastructure, Regional Development and Local Government, was in Tallarook to inspect plans for the $14.2 million Goulburn River High Country Rail Trail.

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