© 2020 Enoch Media Inc. All Rights Reserved. Rover is fatally flawed. Dog friendly workplace, I spent 2.5 years of my life building and supporting products and programs at Rover. Then didn't return my keys or even responded to me for 6 months when asked where my keys were. Its absolutely horrific and something needs to be done. Rover has a bunch people and they just pass you down the line. When reviews happen, do not expect to see compensation for this. Tried Rover for the FIRST time and SOOOOOOOOOOOO disappointed. I have had a walker/sitter account with Rover for about two months. The sitter then posted pictures of the dying pet on Rover's website which we asked Rover to remove. Just today our sitter was supposed to arrive at 12 pm. A few hours later, it was finally taken down with no apologies, just some explanation that IF that had happened, it would not have been shared (although I confirmed it was, my friends could see it while not logged in). I can set my own rates and availability. cool space in downtown seattle They are able to help resolve stressful situations, and assist the sitters in doing the best thing for the dog. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Near Military Trail and West Atlantic Blvd. As a dog sitter, such negligence is unacceptable no matter what is going on. She tampered with the body so the next day when we were able to retrieve the body and get a necroscopy it was inconclusive since she was frozen without our permission. They try to buy your silence and that is why no one knows the true number of dogs who have died. Is there an alternative number for reporting problems with my sitter? How did you get your first interview at Rover.com? I'm not sure what qualifications, if any, people need to have to register as sitters. Get weekly updates, new jobs, and reviews, The most useful review selected by Indeed. 888-727-1140 is the main numbe to call. Given how difficult it was to find and interview someone in the first place...it was not going to be easy to find a replacement with no notice. When she failed to walk the dogs, keeping one locked up in a small room for 14 hours, we fired her. Super reliable! More at issue you cannot review a sitter until you have booked them. This was the first time using Rover which was recommended by a good friend. We were VERY CLEAR, it was a house and pet sit for 24/7. I hired a pet sitter and house sitter through Rover that turned out be a disaster. I won’t disclose the type of work I did/am doing for fear of being easily identified, but I did want to include this information to caution anyone who may be considering starting their career at Rover. Do not use Rover. Skewed moral compass of senior leadership In addition, Rover provides sitters with free continuing pet education. Help us be the best! As a sitter myself, I can 100% say it is the sitter's responsibility to let other owners know what environment they have at home.

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