The police call such places “secondary crime scenes.” They are always better for the attacker and worse for his victim because they are more isolated than the first point of contact. I know it’s not PC to say it, but these protestors are doing it wrong. When gang banging make me kill a ***** blacker than me? Harris' comments come as President Donald Trump and his allies are working to tie Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden to the nationwide protests against police brutality. Zero? Yeah, we know. • Amplified awareness about police violence against Black women through the #SayHerName campaign. A cousin of mine was robbed at gunpoint at 6 am in their innercity apartment. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. In my experience, which may or may not be representative, the first group is very small. DEGENERATION:  No. Harris's definition of racism places an underlying emphasis on intentions. As a scientist, Harris tells the listener dispassionate facts that he believes every American citizen should reflect upon. The violence that erupts at such moments is as unnecessary as it is predictable. Each state has its own rules for mail-in absentee voting. Other topics Harris touched upon: Sam Harris #207 — Can We Pull Back From The Brink?”, Tarana Burke & Nadia Murad: Meet the Women who are Fighting Hate with Love, If We Want to Show Up As White Allies We Must First Get Uncomfortable, The Intentionality of Inclusion Strategies | Dr. Aparajita Jeedigunta, PhD. The Blake family says he is paralyzed and may never walk again. Similarly, many home invasions begin with a criminal’s acting like a person in distress: A woman or a teenager might come to your door reporting an accident or some other emergency. Deflection? The appeal to intraracial violence has been exposed time and time and time again as invalid. . This is the core principle of self-defense: Do whatever you can to avoid a physical confrontation, but the moment avoidance fails, attack explosively for the purposes of escape—not to mete out justice, or to teach a bully a lesson, or to apprehend a criminal. We need messages of empowerment, personal responsibility, and education, the same way Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Huey Newton, Frederick Douglas, James Baldwin, and Malcolm X taught. How much can black on black crime be blamed due to Red Lining, or segregation, or the many principles and laws that have set black people back for centuries? ", white woman (suspected car thief) in Los Angeles, white biker gangs can have a deadly brawl and shootout. When I was pulled over six-times, each encounter I had to reflect upon if it was something to do with my race. We would like to institute some reforms,” and the response from the other demographic is “You are delusional. Despite Loury's occasional injection of disabuse, he was ultimately complicit in a two-hour long session that granted Sam Harris a cover for racial scapegoating and red herrings. The primary goal of self-defense is to avoid becoming the victim of violence. When Harris and those of his ilk wax on about how they detest identity politics, what they're really saying is they disapprove of any attempt to decenter the mainstream narratives that serve them. These black people in power are proof of progress.”, If you care about justice, and you absolutely should, you should care about facts and the ability to discuss them openly. That said, “1000” still feels like a large number. Because, somehow, the adverse influence of racism that effects employment, housing, education, legislation, racial profiling, and mass incarceration are rendered null and void because many who are complicit with or involved in these processes are well-meaning. Police brutality is a small problem This tactic may come dressed in a veneer of concern, but it functions as a way to pathologize Black criminality and to victim-blame. If you were in that position would you care what the demographic of people that the institution was working for had to say? Near the conclusion of the podcast (1:44:50) Harris remarked, "I worry that BLM, if it got all the attention that it wants, it could set race relations back in this country a generation.". There’s no one villain in this current moment; there’s systemic racism, black on black crime, racist cops, bad cops, corporate stereotyping, and misinformation in the media, to name a few. Religious folk to Christopher Hitchens:  “Why don’t you just leave us alone? In my youth, I practiced martial arts for many years and eventually taught self-defense classes in college.[“1”]. Officers can “legally shoot to kill or use other deadly force only when the subject of force presents an imminent danger of death or serious injury to the officer or others,” according to those guidelines. But our social positions--identities--obscure our emotional and intellectual connection to other social realities, even when they allow us to recognize and appreciate certain social dynamics (i.e., privilege, prejudice, oppression, etc.) This analysis is so typical that it follows a very predictable script already deconstructed by multicultural academic Robin DiAngelo in two essays titled "Why It's So Hard to Talk to White People About Racism" and "11 Ways White America Avoids Taking Responsibility for its Racism.". If someone puts a gun to your head and demands your purse or wallet, hand it over immediately and run. Well, look around you: Do you see a cop? Even if violence seems unavoidable, and you decide to strike preemptively, you should do so from a seemingly unaggressive posture, retaining the element of surprise. More: Biden: Trump sees Wisconsin unrest as 'political benefit'. For the Nov 3 election: States are making it easier for citizens to vote absentee by mail this year due to the coronavirus. But because the media typically chooses not to publicize these efforts, those who don't have a genuine interest in these matters won't research and will instead assume these efforts don't exist. Naively, I thought the experience might be uneventful. That’s where democratic politics goes to die.”. Although he's far from being a Stacey Dash, he was nevertheless carefully chosen for the same reason the media flocks to the small contingent of Black conservative token figures: to act as a Trojan horse that soothes white discomfort and diminishes white accountability when discussing race. That will be true next year and the year after that.”. Not everyone has the social luxury of examining these intimate matters in a detached manner. All rights reserved. But Timpa was killed because the police were negligent, not because of malevolence or racial hostility. Sam Harris’s podcast: “#207: Can We Pull Back From The Brink?” challenges the listener unlike any other show I’ve ever heard. Care to explain your deflection from what the protests are about?

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