Progressive Field’s more devout regulars include Ron Ochmann, “The Mayor of Section 164,” who bought season tickets for himself and his wife to The Jake’s inaugural 1994 campaign. All this, and few came to the ballpark; only the lowly Oakland A’s and Tampa Bay Rays drew fewer fans, as the Indians could only muster 1.59 million through the turnstiles. But at least those who were still showing up liked the ballpark more than ever; in a 2008 Sports Illustrated nationwide fan poll that took all aspects of the ballpark experience—including atmosphere, affordability, hospitality, traffic and food—Progressive Field came out ahead of all other 29 major league venues as the best overall. Providing slight interference to the view of downtown Cleveland is the main scoreboard, the majors’ largest at over 13,000 square feet. Lift bridges, drawbridges, bridges that are just beautiful structures,” he told Sports Illustrated years later. So he sold the franchise for $323 million—the highest price for a major league team to that point, and roughly ten times what he had paid for it just 14 years earlier—to Larry Dolan, a prominent Cleveland lawyer. Click through any areas of the venue to reveal section-specific prices and inventory, using the key to distinguish between the different colors on the Progressive Field seating chart. Most of the 10,000 seats removed during Progressive Field’s renovation in the mid-2010s occurred above the right-field bleachers, in favor of vacuous patio areas that come off looking like shipping containers. The Ballparks: League Park Rustic, tight and beloved with its cozy sightlines, unpredictable right field wall and a myriad of memorable moments, League Park lived to become the ballyard that wouldn’t go away. Still without a paid-for name at the eleventh hour—the Indians were ready to just go with Gateway Park—Richard Jacobs, who had taken full control of the Indians since the death of his brother David in 1992, decided he’d pay to put his own name on the building. “Jacobs Field, Era of Champions,” the outfield wall displayed at the ballpark. The work stoppage crippled baseball’s relationship with its fans in most major league cities—but not in Cleveland. The wall, with an out-of-town scoreboard imbedded within it, was an initial source of disdain for Indians hitters who felt it would lean Progressive Field toward becoming a pitcher-friendly ballpark. Any special instructions left by the seller will be included to the left of the price via the “Notes” icon. Row AA is directly behind Row Z. In a message to season ticket holders today, the Indians announced that they will be expanding the netting at Progressive Field. The warning track in the outfield is not composed of red dirt but, instead, crushed brick; in foul territory, it’s made up out of crushed rubber. But there is a higher price to pay for what is called the Club Level—though you can get your money’s worth with a hearty appetite behind these seats with an expansive, exclusive lounge full of food and non-alcoholic drinks that comes gratis with a ticket. Corna got political backing from Ohio state representative Jeff Jacobs, and enough money was raised to buy land at the proposed stadium site at the south end of downtown—at one time a thriving, go-to hub called the Central Market, but now little more than a sea of street-level parking lots. The aim was to eliminate many of the seats and replace them with spacious standing areas, in the hopes of expanding the nomadic, lounge-like fan experience of The Corner below. On the six-year anniversary of the defeat of the first domed stadium project, history would not repeat itself. And that brings us back to the smiles. (iStock), For Joe Spear, the lead architect for Kansas City-based HOK Sport (now Populous) hired to design Progressive Field, first impressions made all the difference in conceptualizing the ballpark’s look. Adding uniqueness to Progressive Field was the make-up of its seating levels—leading to some of the venue’s bigger criticisms regarding a clear separation of haves and have-nots. CLEVELAND– The Cleveland Indians will expand the safety netting at Progressive Field for the 2018 season, the team announced on Wednesday. Over on the first-base side, only the upper third of the luxury boxes continues unabated. Jacobs was thrilled to be handing the team off to another local, but Dolan sensed challenge, publicly stating that Jacobs would be “a tough act to follow.”. Before The Jake, there were none. Section 164 is right next to third base so you can see all of the runners gunned down at home plate really well. By the morning of September 12, it had reached 19 games—one shy of the AL record—with home games on tap for possible record-tying and record-breaking wins. “There were posters of the players in about every restaurant. The 24-story structure is said to serve as the inspiration for the headquarters of the Daily Planet by Superman creators Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel, both of whom grew up in Cleveland. So what gives? Cuyahoga County officials agreed, and in 1990 put forth a new initiative for building a sports complex that would include an Indians ballpark and an adjacent arena for the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers, who had abandoned the city—and, just as importantly, the county—in 1974 to move to a suburban facility 20 miles to the south in Richfield. The field level is normal enough—and close to the action—but above is where the quibbling begins. Infield seats at Field Level are sometimes referred to as Diamond Box and Field Box Front Back and Middle. Section 164 is right next to third base so you can see all of the runners gunned down at home plate really well. CLAIMING A PRIZE: To claim the Prize, the Prize Claimant must contact CIC and present the winning Raffle Ticket in-person at the Progressive Field Team Shop near section 164 at Progressive Field within thirty (30) days from the conclusion of the applicable Raffle Period. To correct that, the team expanded the Kid’s Clubhouse to two levels’ worth of games and skills challenges for the little ones, with balconies added for parents to keep one eye on the action and the other on the kids. (Flickr—Erik Drost). And then there’s this: Within a 50-mile radius of Progressive Field, there are four minor league ballclubs—three affiliated with the Indians, the other an independent outfit. Neighboring Quicken Loans Arena, home of basketball’s Cavaliers and built at the same time as Progressive Field, has much of the ballpark’s same exterior characteristics, per an agreement between the city, Progressive Field architect HOK Sport, and arena designer Ellerbe Becket. (Flickr—Erik Drost). (I love the Mario Brothers music when an Indians player crosses home plate). “I counted 12 different bridges. The All-Star roster he inherited slowly began to spin off toward other teams via free agency. Commissioner Fay Vincent didn’t add comfort when he came to town during the ballpark campaign and warned that failure to pass the initiative would leave Clevelanders “confronting a subject that we want to avoid.”. No and no. The polls, the ticketholders, and the team are all saying the same thing: That life is pleasant at the palace that both saved and rejuvenated Cleveland baseball.

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