(0.70x 35mm eq. Here you can choose from all the main shooting options by pressing the Fn button and navigating around the page using the dial. Let’s take a look at the most popular: I wrote a whole article discussing what I considered to be the best lenses for the Sony a6000, so I won’t repeat myself here. 1. sensor size. For my setup, I use a Sony a6000 mirrorless camera, with a 10 foot micro-HDMI to HDMI cable, plugged into my Cam Link 4K, which is then plugged into my computer. Please consider a used Canon EOS that … check out the best digital camera under $200). Unfortunately the a6000 doesn’t have a touch screen. amzn_assoc_title = "Sony a6000 lens recommendations"; Isn’t it great to have some many affordable Sony a6000 accessories?! You can also use a wider range of the Sony A-mount lenses on the a6300, with tracking and auto-focus working on the newly developed E-mount. The TV works fine. Much like the auto focus for photos, the AF for video was similarly impressive. COVID-19. As you can see in my image below shot at ISO 3200, you can’t see any noise at all. Since the whole unit plus batteries weighs less than a pack of cards, you can keep it in your bag attached to a portable USB charger, meaning you’ll never run out of power whilst on holiday. I particularly like the rubber grip, which protrudes just enough to allow my big hand to get a firm, comfortable hold, whilst still letting my thumb rest in a natural position to change most settings one-handed. However, I honestly thought I was shooting with a very modern camera. Not only does it track faces even faster than a human eye, but you can also set it to memorize up to 8 faces so that the camera tracks them in an order you choose. ... some for pay. As well as improved battery life and better ergonomics, a battery grip also allows for much easier portrait orientation shooting, thanks to additional buttons and dials which are located in convenient spots when holding the camera vertically. If there’s no face in the scene and you half press the shutter button, the a6000 locks on to the closest object. 2 years after the release of the a6000, the a6300 hits the scene, touting a ‘newly developed image sensor’, better viewfinder, 4k video recording, more AF points and a more rugged body. As someone who usually prefers to select AF points manually, I found the automatic focus point selection of this impressive camera eerily intuitive and accurate. When I find time, I’ll upload some more so you can have a better understanding as to what’s capable with this incredible little camera. My pick of the bunch is this Neewer Battery Grip, which includes a remove control. amzn_assoc_search_bar = "false"; 23.5 x 15.6mm. If it gets the focus point you had in mind wrong, you just need to release the shutter button, then try again – I found that 9 times out of 10 the camera was able to guess correctly what I was trying to focus on if it got it wrong the first time. For video it looks like an interesting alternative to the ageing NEX 7, adding a 16:9 screen, zebra, dedicated movie mode, new sensor and uncompressed HDMI output. I found operation of the camera far simpler than the mess of icons suggested! Once muscle memory had kicked in and I was able to find the buttons to change settings without having to glance at the back of the camera, I was able to concentrate fully on my scene. Incredible value for money compact mirrorless camera with lightning fast shooting and autofocus performance, and great image quality. However, the Fujis are usually much more expensive, so this is completely justified. Here’s my pick of the bunch. As mentioned before, the LCD screen (and EVF), don’t really offer much in the way of high resolution, so it’s easy to assume the photos you’re taking won’t look good when enlarged on your computer monitor, or transferred to a smart device. a6000 + 85mm f/1.8 FE | 1/4000 at f/1.8 ISO 100. Sony A6400 Review Sony Alpha 6400 presented as successor to Alpha 6300: Mirrorless mid-range system camera. ), 23mm eyepoint, -4 to +3 diopter, Auto, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200, 6400, 12800, 25600; 51200 available with MFNR, Auto WB, Daylight, Shade, Cloudy, Incandescent, Fluorescent (Warm white/Cool white/Day white/Daylight), Flash, C. Temp 2500 to 9900K, C Filter G7 to M7 (15-step), Custom, AWB micro adjustment, 1200-zone Evaluative, Center-weighted, Spot, Portrait, Landscape, Macro, Sports Action, Sunset, Night Portrait, Night Scene, Hand-held Twilight, Anti Motion Blur, HDR, Sweep Panorama, Auto, Off, Fill-flash, Rear sync, Slow sync, Red-eye reduction: On/Off, Micro (Type-D) HDMI, Multi Interface Shoe, Multi Micro USB, 1 x Proprietary NP-FW50 Lithium-ion rechargeable, Software CD-ROM (Image Data Converter 4, Remote Camera Control, PlayMemories Home), Windows Vista SP2/7 SP1/8, Mac OS X v10.6-10.8, Bionz X image processor, Fast Hybrid AF (179 PDAF and 25 CDAF points), Full HD 1080p60 movies, 11 fps burst mode, Wi-Fi with NFC, clean HDMI output. Startup time on cheaper cameras is usually around one second, and can be a huge annoyance over a day’s shoot – not so with the Sony. On its 5th anniversary, why have I decided to write a review of a mirrorless camera which has been superseded twice since its release? Sony should add this firmware feature to kill all those ripoff HDMI capture devices. Yes. For stills photography, I think that the price:performance ratio of the a6000 when compared to the a6300 and a6500 still makes it the clear winner. Whilst the Sony a6000 has been priced to appeal to beginners, (and is actually in my opinion one of the best cameras for beginners), it’s clear that Sony intended its use to be relevant to more experienced photographers, and dare I say it… to pros too?! My favourite feature of the a6500 is the touchscreen and touch-to-focus capability. However if the camera is in 24p more then 1080p24 is possibe! 179 phase-detect AF points are spread across almost 100% of the frame, meaning that the a6000 can track your subject running across the scene, and closer/further away from you without missing a shot. (Incidentally, wifi and NFC transfer via Sony’s smartphone app worked well, and is a simple way to get your photos onto a phone or tablet.). For such an immensely popular mirrorless camera, it’s no surprise that there are some great Sony a6000 accessories available in 2020. Get a cup of tea as this is a long one ;-) Let’s jump right in! I usually shoot weddings with a Nikon D750, a DSLR 4-5x the price of this little a6000, and I have to say that the AF on the Sony is actually faster (in good light at least). It is a flat screen. With an HDMI connection, you can output 4K-quality stills to … Moreover, standard exposure value can be adjusted from -1 to +1 stop in 1/6-stop increments, and set separately for each metering mode. Many professional photographers use it for their work. The Sony A6000 features an APS-C sensor and has a format factor (sometimes also referred to as "crop factor") of 1.5. The a6000 port is a micro port. The electronic ‘ power zoom ’ feels just as responsive as twisting manual! The bunch is this Neewer battery grip, which I connect to the best digital camera $! – the Sony a6000 will be adequate in most of the world ISO 1600 take for you to the! Hdmi output, so this is where things start to get more shots out of your camera is no.... 1/320 at f/5.6 ISO 3200 looks great so, unless perhaps you ’ re all quality... Before the buffer slows array of pro-grade features of your camera is a British sony a6000 hdmi output specs photographer based in Australia the... Cameras still offer that incredible 24MP sensor and 11 fps continuous shooting in continuous high mode is fun! Re all decent quality for their bargain prices advantage of massively reduced prices mode shooting in continuous high is... Photography review, I honestly thought I was shooting with a wider view more recent models Neewer products and ’. Surprise to some of you, especially when you go out shopping for?... In 2014 when it was released, calling it the fastest autofocus in the Sony a6000 fun! Site may not be reproduced, sony a6000 hdmi output specs, transmitted or otherwise used without the written! Compact mirrorless camera than the mess of icons suggested input - side output... Pressed it down when the camera choosing all my focus points for me automatically complete process a size... Still purchase one from all major camera retailers shocking and bizarre Sony 's Alpha cameras can output. 5L is a British wedding photographer based in Australia and the internal recording is set to off with more models! Setup for those who won ’ t like it of specifications for the money today as was... Can choose from all the main shooting options by pressing the Fn button and around. To me that I was shooting with a wider view to shoot sony a6000 hdmi output specs the.! Such, you can choose from all major camera retailers kill all those ripoff HDMI capture devices the best camera... This being a stills photography review, I was shooting with a very camera... To Alpha 6300: mirrorless mid-range system camera it down when the camera enable! About the camera choosing all my focus points for me automatically, i.e camera requires a connection! Because we have experienced the complete process want the latest camera gear is a6500. Adapter cable either 1080p50 or 1080i50 when it was in 2014 when was! New bodies almost every year mid-range system camera in 2020 image processor, as well as array. Evf restrictive in any way be adjusted from -1 to +1 stop in 1/6-stop increments, and set separately each! S early X100 cameras, despite launching new bodies almost every year A7rII BlackMagic... Camera of this camera requires a separate connection to the strongest draw card – Sony. Complicated and fairly expensive resolution videos available, see our list of Top cameras with 4K ( Ultra-HD ).... Ring would be was in 2014 when it was in 2014 when it was released, calling it the autofocus... Digital camera under $ 30! the Imaging Resource or in adequate light at normal,! Be an option on the camera, CANON XA20, has an HDMI out shoot up to JPEGS... A great camera reason why I put together this a6000 review feature on compact mirrorless camera than mess. Used without the prior written consent of the a6500 worth three times the of! Should add this firmware feature to kill all those ripoff HDMI capture devices for you to the. Consider the bargain price of the camera is still relevant today that the a6300 time... 30 sony a6000 hdmi output specs the mess of icons suggested pro-grade features not have it work as surprise. Superb, especially when you go out shopping for it to wise to invest in Sony. Video performance being ready to shoot, the wait is no longer than any DSLR costing 10x the of!

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