VOTED TOP 10 BEST CHICKEN FRIED STEAK IN TEXAS AWARD-WINNING BUTTERMILK PIE. ( Log Out /  “I remember when I worked there and I’d go back and hear my name called,” Popp says. I must have asked her about a hundred questions after that, making sure this creepy stranger hadn’t touched my daughter or said anything inappropriate, but Deanna kept shaking her head. There are “at least” four apparitions, as one CBS DFW story from 2016 reports. This 1928 hotel wasn't restored till the late 1990's, but the refurbishment may have stirred up the resident ghost. Photo Credit: Facebook/Moon River Brewing Company. Witnesses say bathroom lights turn on and off by themselves, objects disappear and then reappear underneath the bed, and there are sudden malodorous smells in the early mornings. They had just been seated at a table when Carrie’s daughter, who is eight, went to use the restroom. Owner and chef Tracy Miller has definitely heard things — most late at night during a needed renovation of the building. Some believe he is the ghost of John Wilkes Booth. Shad Kvetko, the mezcaleria’s owner and fastidious collector, has picked up a few items for the Expo Park bar in Mexico. Thurber is an unincorporated community in Erath County, Texas, United States (near the Palo Pinto county line), located 75 miles west of Fort Worth.It was, between 1888 and 1921, one of the largest producers of bituminous coal in Texas and the largest company town in the state, with a population of over 10,000. One thing we do well is fill your belly. The bar and grill is famously haunted by the ghost of an outlaw known as 'Norton', who was gunned down by law enforcement officials. We were actually trying to film an episode somewhere that had no history where we thought we wouldn't find much of anything. This monkey is a harrowing thing to behold: Lit below in fire-red light, teeth visible in a howling rictus, eyes peeled open within a blood-starved skull, and arms wrenched into a position like it’s playing the devil’s banjo. “I don’t care if the Smokestack is the only restaurant in Thurber, I can’t bring my daughter back there.”. It sits on the shelf, the glass shimmering and refracting light from the “Spirits Room.” There’s a devil mask hanging nearby. Witnesses have seen the figure descending the grand staircase before vanishing as suddenly as it appears. Moon River is now a regular spot for ghost tours. Savannah is known for being full of history and spirits, and Moon River Brewing Company is one of the most haunted spots in the city. “Weird stuff,” she says. Thurber ghost town, Texas (Picture a Day September 25, 2009) Thurber, Texas is billed as one of the 'premier' ghost towns of the state -- and it certainly has an interesting history. It doesn't get much better! Plus, at the same time, you get to eat some really good food. Immediately and unceremoniously, he killed the couple. He was actually buried with the restaurant's menu and a knife and fork across his chest, so it's not shocking that he never wanted to leave! The Smokestack restaurant of Thurber, Texas, first opened its doors to the public over forty-five years ago. “’That’s her, that’s the woman, mama!’ she cried out. They held my interest as the waitress brought out drinks, and asked for our meal orders. “It felt like a half hour had passed before Deanna finally came back to the table. But Carrie’s nonchalance quickly came to a halt just last week. The second floor, where he passed away, is home to the "Ghost Bar," which he is said to haunt.

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