Zero story drawn by O'Neill. In 1988 Grant and artist Simon Harrison began a new Strontium Dog story, "The Final Solution". Smith created Indigo Prime, a multi-dimensional organisation that polices reality, whose most memorable story was "Killing Time", a time travel story featuring Jack the Ripper. Kevin O'Neill returned for a short Nemesis series called "Torquemada the God". A new character, Sláine, debuted in 1983, but had been in development since 1981. Three books were published, and more were planned, but Moore's demands for creator's rights and his increasing commitments to American publishers meant they never materialised. Later in the war, when Romania changed sides, he was the only one who knew their secret. His "Robot Wars" storyline was drawn by a rotating team of artists, including McMahon, Ezquerra, Turner and Ian Gibson, and marked the point where Dredd became the most popular character in the comic, a position he has rarely relinquished. Garth Ennis and Philip Bond contributed Time Flies, a time-travel comedy, and Hewlett was paired with writer Peter Milligan for the surreal Hewligan's Haircut. Comic Vine users. Several artists were tried out before Mills settled on Italian artist Massimo Belardinelli, whose imaginative, hallucinatory work was fantastic at visualising aliens, although perhaps less satisfying on the hero himself. A new Sláine story, Sláine the King, began, entirely drawn by Fabry. He wrote more than fifty one-off strips over the next three years, while also contributing to various Marvel UK titles and the independent magazine Warrior. Although the various stories and creators have also won awards, (see the various entries for details) the comic itself has its own trophies: 2000 AD has an extremely lively and thriving fanbase, which has produced a number of independent fanzines. With prog 178 all current stories, with the exception of Judge Dredd, were wound up, and a new set of stories was launched simultaneously, consisting of Mean Arena, set around a violent high-tech street football game, Meltdown Man, whose hero was transported to a genetically engineered far future by a nuclear explosion, the return of Strontium Dog, featuring a mutant bounty hunter character inherited from the short-lived Starlord title, and Dash Decent, a Flash Gordon parody. Dan Dare was suspended while "The Cursed Earth" was finished in time for the merger. Wagner kept Dredd, while Grant continued Strontium Dog and Judge Anderson. Judge Death and Halo Jones games for the ZX Spectrum were being developed by Piranha but never released.[29]. On 1 October 2016, signings were held at comic shops in the UK, Ireland, Australia and the US to mark the publication of the 2000th prog. 2000 AD was revamped, with a larger page size and full process colour on the covers and centre pages. Mills brought fellow freelancer John Wagner on board as script adviser and the pair began to develop characters. The law had been thoroughly enforced on his own world, and now he had come to Mega-City One to continue his work. There he met the Sisters of Death, and only barely survived the encounter. He went on to create The Ballad of Halo Jones with artist Ian Gibson. The idea was abandoned as unsuitable for the new comic, but the name, with a little modification, was adopted by Wagner for his ultimate lawman. As the series continued Sam was joined by an idiot kit-built robot assistant, Hoagy, and after a crack-down on smoking in IPC comics, a Cuban robot cigar, Stogie, designed to help him cut down on nicotine. In 2001, Andrew J. Lewis created Zarjaz comic, with strips featuring characters from a variety of 2000 AD stories. Although there is no overall shared universe containing all 2000 AD stories, some stories spin-off or crossover into other stories. The hardware and cityscapes Ezquerra had drawn were far more futuristic than the near-future setting originally intended, and Mills decided to run with it and set the strip further into the future. The story saw Dredd moved to the colour centre pages for the first time while Dan Dare was given the front page. The solution was Judge Death, an undead judge from another dimension where, since all crime was committed by the living, life itself was outlawed. Richard Burton became editor. Its hero was a German soldier who discovered that some of his Romanian allies were vampires. 2000 AD and Judge Dredd: The Secret History. The run-up to this saw the first arcs of new series Stickleback and Kingdom. In 1977 2000 AD launched the annual 48-page Summer Special, including a full-length M.A.C.H. One of the core members of the ABC Warriors. Each Genetic Infrantryman had a biochip implanted in their brain. A new writer, Alan Moore, had started contributing Future Shocks in 1980. The appearance of the main character, galactic thief "Slippery" Jim DiGriz, was based on James Coburn, evidently a favourite of Ezquerra's; Coburn was also the inspiration for Major Eazy, which Ezquerra drew in Battle, as well as Cursed Earth Koburn, a Dredd-universe reworking of the Major Eazy character, who first appeared in 2003. In 1986 the comic reached its 500th issue. Starting in December 2007, the latest issue was made available to download as a PDF. Despite the good intentions and hardwork of its creator (as well as the keen interest and support from both amateur and professional 2000 AD contributors), the fanzine's full potential sadly never was realised. Dredd soon began another epic journey in "The Judge Child". Wagner had been laying the foundations for this story for several years, introducing the main villain, semi-robotic gang lord Nero Narcos, and supporting characters like Judge Edgar of the Public Surveillance Unit, and Galen DeMarco, a former judge who had quit after falling in love with Dredd and become a private eye. "The Judge Child" was drawn by Bolland, Ron Smith and Mike McMahon in rotation, and the later episodes marked the beginning of Wagner's long-running writing partnership with Alan Grant. The number of colour pages was increased, allowing for one complete strip per issue to be painted. Although Kraken performed faultlessly, Dredd thought he perceived a hint of his former allegiance to the Judda in him, and failed him. Similar future sport series had been a fixture of Action, and the similarly-themed film Rollerball had been released the previous year. Wagner gave Ezquerra an advertisement for the film Death Race 2000, showing the character Frankenstein clad in black leather, as a suggestion for what the character should look like. The deal fell through, however. and Quinch, spun off from a one-off Time Twister. Button Man, a contemporary thriller by John Wagner and Arthur Ranson, was originally intended for Toxic! IPC then shifted the title to its Fleetway comics subsidiary, which was sold to Robert Maxwell in 1987 and then to Egmont UK in 1991. Judge Anderson is the top Street Judge of Psi-Division in Mega-City One, the home of Judge Dredd. 2000 AD was also made available online through Clickwheel,[8] another Rebellion Developments-owned firm. Each Genetic Infrantryman had a micro-circuit chip implanted in their brain. 2000 AD is a weekly British science fiction-oriented comic magazine. There were also gimmicks, like the "sex issue", sold in a clear plastic wrapper, The Spacegirls, a series attempting to cash in on the popularity of the Spice Girls, B.L.A.I.R. An Irish warrior based on Celtic myths made famous by the 2000AD series. From prog 531 the term "Earthlette" was reintroduced.[18]. In 2003, Arthur Wyatt created FutureQuake, a fanzine devoted to the Future Shocks format. This would provide plotlines for years to come. 2000 AD characters are characters who appear in the British comic book 2000 AD. This is a list of 2000AD characters. After a break of ten years, writer Pat Mills decided to bring the story to an end with "The Final Conflict". Unsuccessful series were dropped, and a number of new series were tried out, some more successful than others. Not long after came the debut of Zenith, 2000 AD's first serious superhero strip, by new writer Grant Morrison and artist Steve Yeowell. In June 2018 (July in the United States) a special issue was published, the 2000 AD Sci-Fi Special 2018, which contained stories written and illustrated entirely by women.[15]. ... Top Rated Lists for 2000 AD 100 items Your Favorites List Tharg uses other unique alien expressions and even appears in his own comic strips. The original logo and overall look of the comic were designed by art assistant Doug Church.[1]:p.37. This process takes no more than a few hours and we'll Pat Mills took over writing Dredd for a six-month "epic" called "The Cursed Earth", inspired by Roger Zelazny's Damnation Alley, which took the future lawman out of the city on a humanitarian trek across the radioactive wasteland between the Mega-Cities.

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