There are many types of rats, and many more colors of rats—far more colors than I can really cover here, so I will stick to some of the basics. They enjoy toys, especially the kind that can be chewed and contain hidden treats. Apparently, my 4-month-old rat Scabbers (who's sitting on my lap right now, BTW) is a hooded rat. Despite this, there are differences between male and female rats; male rats have longer, coarser fur while females have softer, finer fur. They are considered a pest species and are one of the most dangerous rodents in the world for crops. However, based on the coloring of the babies, we can further assume: Since black only expresses when a rat is a/a, and red eyed dilute only expresses when a rat is r/r, all the babies would be plain agouti rats. These bald rats are selectively bred to be completely hairless however, they may have some curled up mustache. The wild type, also called agouti, is A/-, and black is a/a. 10 Types of Pet Rat. You have left out quite a few things so maybe it's time for a rewrite of this? It means that rats come in varieties, not in breeds through which you can decide the rat coat, color, and size while adopting a new rat buddy. Unfortunately, hairless rats are prone to health problems and live only about half as long as other fancy rats. Cinnamon pearl - The rat's hair has multiple colors that lead to a golden color overall. love my babies so much :D. thanks you have helped me find out more about pet rats i have two my self both brothers however they fight a lot dose anyone know why this is . Why wasn't this page useful? Rats can be divided into three broader categories: Below I am going to mention those rats that are extensively adopted all over the world. Dominant trait — Normal, straight coat of most rats. One of the least common varieties in the rat fancy, hairless rats are bred to have no hair at all – this includes eyebrows and whiskers. As a result, these rats, like we saw earlier in this article, are highly susceptible to the cold, sunburn, injuries, and even a variety of healthy issues. With any of color style coloration, your rat’s coat overall will be one color, but the individual hairs can be banded with multiple colors. Berkshire Rats: A solid-colored rat with a white belly, feet, and on the tip of the tail. If you think all rats look like the common brown rat found in the wild, you'll be surprised to see the variety, many of which mimic the colors and patterns found with popular cat and dog breeds. Some rats need special climates. First, due to the fact that, again, they’re hairless, they don’t have any fur to help them regulate their body temperature in colder temperatures. There are actually 12 different possible markings. These rats have a lot of health problems and conditions, and they need a lot of special care. They are expert climbers and in wild they inhabit shrubs, trees, and dense vegetation while on captive environments they usually like to stay on secure heights. Their ears are of normal size and are placed on top of their heads. Colors in this section include: These rats have multiple colors and patterns that do not include white. These pet rat markings have been the result of selective breeding as well as nature's handiwork. Thanks everyone! Rats may seem like a low maintenance pet, but that isn’t always true. But he has a tiny bit of light brown mixed with grey hood & stripe. I have a new dog and he is a rat killer.I am soooooo happy! Their fur is also short. Because it is so easy for this variety of rats to become injured, you’ll have to take extra precautions to make sure that their bedding and cage is free of any sharp edges.eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'officiallypets_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_12',110,'0','0'])); It’s also important to consider this fact if you plan to keep them with other rats. There are various types of rat in the world and some of them are regional based. They were my babies. The most common form of this is agouti but can be various styles including pearl. Fancy rats were originally bred for blood sport but have since become popular as pets. In males, this coat tends to be a bit coarse and thick, while in females it is softer and finer. I've got a pink eye, dumbo ear, double Rex, Himalayan female rat, what would I breed her with to get a chance of more Rex/double Rex? Varieties like hairless and tailless are more suited for more experienced owners. In some black rats, there is also a mutation that may make it appear like an albino but actually they are white-haired rats. Fancy rat Is another name of a pet rat. this has helped lots thanks to HUBPAGES!!!! A black-based rat with the blue gene will be a uniform blue across the whole hair, giving a very smooth and even appearance to the blue rat. It takes time to make an enviorment because they chew, there teeth like our nails. Their ears pop out from their head on either side more like an elephant. You also need to evaluate your own life and consider things such as your home, your other fur babies, and your available time. Dumbo rats are one of the most common rats for first time owners due to their mild temperament and teddy bear like appearance. What Is a Fancy Rat? and we are thinking about getting pygmy and fainting goats and chickens. A bareback is similar to the hooded but without the stripe down the back, and a downunder hooded has a stripe down the belly. Even though due to their small size they are difficult to handle even then it’s quite popular among people as a pet since it is quite friendly and can be easily tamed so people like to have it as a pet despite their size. Rats are among these creatures which are least liked in the world. The wild type, also called agouti, is A/-, and black is a/a. The latter should be avoided, as much as it would be wonderful to take on such an animal, I would recommend only an expert rat handler do this. Dominant trait — This is the color of wild rats. My grandson found a rat outside about 3 months ago. Here are some other important things to consider for pet rats: If you’re looking for a small pet that has a great deal of potential, the fancy rat might be the optimal choice. These rats are born solid, but as they grow older they silver and fade, often until they are completely white. Does this mean that the mother (the agouti) had a parent that was black and a parent that was agouti? I couldn't quite figure out how all these dominant genes snuck through all of the parental recessive features. Wow this link will really help me when I'm getting a pet rat for Christmas. I've never seen it all quite so concise and comprehensive! Carefully check a rat rescue rat for both over timidity or aggression. Satin rats are the beauty queens of pet rats. While pet rats do not come in breeds in the way cats and dogs do, the availability of colors, patterns and body types is extensive. Recessive trait — A dumbo rat has ears that are larger, rounder, and set lower to the side on the head. Animals exhibiting signs and symptoms of distress should be seen by a veterinarian immediately. As they don’t have any hair on their body that means they don’t have anything which can protect them from cold or warmth.

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