Please note it is not possible to copy, record or photograph any information from the electoral roll.You can also check your enrollment details online but you must enter your details exactly as they appear on the electoral roll. If you wish to apply for silent elector status due to you or your family being in immediate danger, please contact us on 1300 805 478. Representative government began and elections were held for the Legislative Council in 1851. on Roll This worksheet shows the Statistical Area 1s (SA1s) and Statistical Area 2s (SA2s) which make up each electoral division. No. If you cannot sign your name because of physical incapacity, you can provide an enrolment form for people who are unable to sign. You can enrol using a No fixed address enrolment form if you are either: Using this form, you enrol for the address where: Find out more about enrolling without a home on the AEC website. For the Legislative Council (the upper house) you were included on the electoral rolls if you were a male (natural born British subject) over 21 years of age who owned or occupied property of a certain value in the electorate. Victoria – electoral divisions – SA1 and SA2 Plural voting was abolished in 1899. By filling this form, you will let us know that you will not be able to vote in elections that may come up while you are away. Eligible to enrol: Provide information about electors to political parties, Members of Parliament and candidates. We then write to the person before removing them from the roll to give them a chance to contest the decision. Authorisation: W. Gately, AM, Electoral Commissioner, 530 Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria. Original records in possession of Mr. M. J. Blume, Castlemaine. The State Library of Victoria and the Genealogical Society of Victoria hold electoral rolls for various areas for this era. There are 4,274,340 people on the roll in Victoria as at 2 September 2020., FamilySearch - Voters Rolls Maldon and Castlemaine Districts 1856, 1862 and 1875. to the applicant’s currently enrolled address. Extracted from the Port Phillip Herald and The Argus. This allows another enrolled voter to sign on your behalf. temporarily travelling or working with no address to come back to. After Federation in 1901 an annual electoral roll for the Commonwealth was compiled but for some years separate rolls continued to be produced for State and Commonwealth elections. The electoral subdivisions of Wimmera covered by this collection are: Birchip, Boort, Donald, Hopetoun, Kerang, Mildura, Minyip, Ouyen, Quambatook, Rainbow, St Arnaud, Sea Lake, Swan Hill, Ultima, Warracknabeal, and Wycheproof. You may be fined if you do not enrol or update your details within this time. There are electoral rolls for the Victorian and Australian Parliaments. You may be fined if you do not enrol or update your details within this time. "What information on my ancestors will I find in these rolls? The latest electoral roll issued on microfiche was for January 2008  - this is when the Australian Electoral Commission stopped releasing electoral rolls on microfiche. The electoral subdivisions of Kooyong covered by this collection are: Auburn, Balwyn, Camberwell, Canterbury, Deepdene, Glen Iris, Kew, and Kew North. A spreadsheet of State and local council electorates listed by locality and postcode is also available in Excel format. The office nearest to the State Library is at Level 8, Casselden Place, 2 Lonsdale St, Melbourne. If he owned property in more than one electorate the man may be listed as an elector in more than one electorate. The electoral subdivisions of Balaclava covered are: Brighton, Caulfield, Caulfield West, Elsternwick and St Kilda. Did your ancestors serve in the military? You can view the electoral roll at the VEC's head office. You must enrol within 21 days of becoming eligible to vote in Victoria. Authorisation: W. Gately, AM, Electoral Commissioner, 530 Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria. For information on who was eligible to vote please see the column on the right of this page. How many people are enrolled in Victoria? You can remain enrolled for your address in Victoria and vote in that electorate. Commonwealth Electoral Act 1925 enabled natives of British India to enrol, Commonwealth Electoral Act 1949 enabled Australian aborigines who were on state rolls and those who had served or were currently serving in the armed forces. If you are serving a prison sentence under five years, you are still required to enrol for State and local council elections. I'm Jess from the Victorian Electoral Commission or VEC. It's important to vote to ensure your voice is heard by those who make decisions about things that affect the way you live. Name in full You will then be automatically included on the roll when you turn 18. The electoral subdivisions of Deakin covered by this collection are: Alexandra, Avenel, Box Hill, Box Hill South, Croydon, Diamond Creek, Doncaster, Healesville, Heidelberg, Ivanhoe, Kangaroo Ground, Kilmore, Lilydale, Mansfield, Mitcham, Ringwood, Seymour, Surrey Hills, Warburton, and Yea. An electronic copy of the current electoral roll is available for public inspection at any AEC office. You can check your current electoral enrolment by entering your details below. If you’re enrolling to vote for the first time, or you need to update your enrolment details, like your name or address, there are different ways you can do this. The electoral register (sometimes called the ‘electoral roll’) lists the names and addresses of everyone who’s registered to vote. Additionally: Download State and local council electorate spreadsheet (Excel). To apply, email us your request. Commonwealth Electoral Act 1984 made Australian citizenship the only qualification with the exception of British subjects already on the roll prior to 26 January 1984. Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic there may be some delays in processing enrolment updates. To enrol provisionally, fill out an enrolment form. Please note: becoming a silent elector will not apply to previous copies of the roll. provide an overview of accessible services available during an election. There are 4,274,340 people on the roll in Victoria as at 2 September 2020. If your address has changed, or we do not have your email on record, please update your details before you make a request. own a property within a council but do not live in the area. There are voter rolls that are compiled by local government authorities. In this era you were included on the electoral rolls if you were a male (natural born British subject) over 21 years of age who owned or occupied property of a certain value in the electorate. Any person of unsound mind (a) Who have lived in Australia for six months continuously, and Until 1990 names were listed alphabetically by electoral division and subdistrict. Also includes a count of properties with enrolled electors residing. The County of Grant was the area around Geelong., The Melbourne Argus 13 April 1847 page 4 - Melbourne Electoral Lists,, The Melbourne Argus 16 April 1847 page 4 - Melbourne Burgess Lists,, The Melbourne Argus 10 September 1847 pages 1 and 4 - Melbourne Electoral Lists,, La Trobe, Lonsdale and Bourke Wards (page 4), Enrol as an Antarctic elector with the AEC, Hindmarsh Shire Council, East Ward by-election, Northern Grampians Shire Council, South West Ward by-election, Internal reviews and special circumstances, Liquor licensing polls and other elections, Council by-elections and countbacks timeline, Yearly indexation of funding and donations, Information for registered political parties, Find out more about enrolling for council elections, submit an overseas notification form online via Check My Enrolment, more information about overseas voting on the AEC website.

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