Also, “In God we Trust ” was not added to our money until the 1950’s. I was sitting in my chair singing that song how I grew up on it, with ‘in the sky, Lord, in the sky.’ I sang it as loud as I could. It is a beautiful spot! Well, that is just the nicest thing to hear. The Garbage drummer/songwriter produced the Nirvana album Nevermind, and Smashing Pumpkins' Gish and Siamese Dream. on B.S. We live in godless times. How hard would it be to get permission to give away a live performance of their song for free on iTunes to help benefit charity? Maybelle Carter from The Carter Family performed on that rendition. One of his great aunts was one of the witnesses mentioned in the book! Oh! If they’re not ridiculing and belittling normal, decent folks who haven’t purchased a one-way ticket on their progressive railway to Hell, they’re shilling for some other obnoxious cause or lying for the benefit of a crooked politician… A television is just a box in the corner that lies to you…, Scotty J But multiple times we’ve seen Blake stand up and speak out and be on the right side of issues, including with the Westboro Baptist Church, and recently with the death of Wayne Mills when he offered public condolences. I really doubt it. The song's lyrics concern the death, funeral, and mourning of the narrator's mother. I usually don't watch this kind of movie, but I am glad I did. The video shows Blake singing at one specific instance in the song. Our fore father were decidedly against merging church and state. doombuggy I am sure that your singing together sounds very sweet indeed. I am convinced they do more harm than good. 11:51 am. Billy Ocean's "Caribbean Queen" was also recorded as "European Queen" and "African Queen" for release on those continents. Oh, that is a shame that Andy Griffith was rude to you. December 1, 2013 @ matt2 This is the same network which gave Alec Baldwin a show. 10:51 am. Could you explain how Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann are “moral filth”? Let’s be angry at the desecration of this iconic song. Another fab rendition was featured in the movie "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" EMAIL: WECARE@SEVENPONDS.COM, Written in 1907 and made famous by The Carter Family in 1935, this iconic song has a simple message, Reflections on loss, love and living while dying from a palliative care specialist, An interview with professional conflict mediator Kimberly Best. This question and more in the Clapton edition of Fact or Fiction. Charlie (google “Darby”™s Dose”). Carters version is a detailed lament about events at a funeral. ~John Adams, letter to Dr. Price, April 8, 1785, 8. In fact I noticed that out of habit he started to say “Lord,” and quickly changed to “Oh”, Karl “The United States of America have exhibited, perhaps, the first example of governments erected on the simple principles of nature; and if men are now sufficiently enlightened to disabuse themselves of artifice, imposture, hypocrisy, and superstition, they will consider this event as an era in their history. The authorship of this spiritual is unknown. However, I don’t think that any of them has ever gone as far as Sarah Palin did when she accused Obama of intending to set up “death panels” to determine whether her son with Down’s syndrome or her elderly parents would live or die. I will take his word that he thought in the moment that “Lord” was part of the version, and at the worst, when he found out it wasn’t, he did the right thing and spoke out about it. Their version first appeared on. Habershon’s hymn is a very general message about family unity in the savior for eternity. © 1990-2020  The Mockingbird Foundation, Inc. | Hosted by, From The Tapers' Section: Part 4 (7/13/99), Jeff Mosier, Willie Nelson; Phish (backing). I agree with you about Glen Beck, whom Fox non-renewed when his contract expired. 10:46 am. I remember Jools with Squeeze as a young piano player puffing his way very vigorously through a large cigar on Top of The Pops while tinkling the keyboard. I do feel better. So, my question is, did they sing the hymn or did they sing the AP Carter song? Yes, the “Pooping” in the slaves mouth is a documented punishment. It’s a shame it has to happen whenever anything religious is discussed today, we can’t simply live and let live. I will defer to your knowledge. Martin Bashir opined that people who make flippant remarks about slavery don’t know what it was like. They should have eliminated it entirely. Really for me the only version of this song that needs to be heard is the Staples Singer version. She graduated from the same high school as I did, just one year behind me!). I believe to get on these shows now, you have to be willing to sell out your dignity and cry and blabber on about how your life sucks. We share the same political beliefs and she crafts her presentations in a way not other talking head is able to. Sorry if those were your favorite verses, but we are on to the next part of the show. 8:33 pm, You are all ridiculous. This stunt guarantees that I never will . xxx, "I'll Fly Away" is one of my most favourite old timey gospel tunes too. Yes, you did read the “Old Farts and Jackasses” story here too, and you’re right, he did never apologize to fans. In 1907, Ada R. Habershon, an English Christian hymnist, and Charles H. Gabriel, who is said to have written or composed up to 8,000 gospel songs, wrote a Christian tune called “Will the Circle Be Unbroken.” The original lyrics are clearly about mortality and grieving, but the story is a bit ambiguous, with the first stanza opening with: Almost thirty years later, A.P. This project likely represented the first major collaboration between hippies and old-time country musicians. 10:40 am. Trigger And while you’re at it, if you want to know how to get the cool picture beside your comments, you can go to to get one. Always enjoy Johnny Cash and June Carter. May the circle be Unbroken. 1:13 am. 9:37 pm. It is based on a true story and it is well worth seeing, I promise you. xo Diana. What's the deal with "Summer of '69"? Sarah Palin may differ with you on that one Eric. I’ve never watched The Voice . Will the Circle Be Unbroken? I know that Matthews et al. But even though I am a firm and proud atheist myself (and a country music fan), I’ve never been offended at the use of any sort of religious connotation, from any denomination (not just Christian) in music, and think this is simply the network taking offence on other peoples behalf. I don’t have a complete version of any band singing the hymn. 4:18 pm. 3. ”¦ but when someone can’t handle hearing words in a classic song relating to a belief system that they don’t happen to share. So, just for the record there are 5 historically accepted versions of the Gettysburg Address (no one was there to tape it, remember) and less than half contain the word “God”. mduree )But thanks very much for your comment, I hope folks will be reminded of this great movie and music! It was covered by Gangstagrass, David Dover Band, Jimmy Martin, Colin Mee and other artists. The public domain version had to be used for copyright reasons. Its refrain was incorporated into the Carl Perkins song "Daddy Sang Bass" and the Atlanta song "Sweet Country Music". He's much more respectable now these days. It appears to have been an attempt to avoid copyright payments to Homer Rodeheaver (who, I believe, owned the song at that point). He modified the chorus and rewrote the lyrics so that they describe a very distinctive funeral — that of the singer’s mother. have their shows on MSNBC, but NBC includes MSNBC and CNBC (which is a great station, except for Car Chasers), irrespective of their corporate structure. NBC is a godless network which exalts in its own moral filth. I thought I’d misheard on the sound. @ CAH, You are being a bit dishonest in your criticism of Martin Bashir. Did Rivers Cuomo grow up on a commune? you so-called “Christians” sure do sit high up on your pedestals don’t-cha? The censoring of the lyrics appears to be a conscious decision by someone at The Voice or NBC not wanting to offend anyone from the religious connotations, regardless of the rights issues surrounding the song. But that story did stimulate Blake Shelton to go see and pay tribute to Ray Price at one of his shows in Oklahoma, and go to the Opry to fulfill his membership obligations which had lapsed.

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