POWER Core Competencies

Our POWER Culture Core Competencies is a framework that is rooted in child development and places students’ developmental needs at the center of everything. Self-efficacy skills and competencies are essential to being successful in college and in life. In order to build social capital and capacity, these are key components and competencies that will develop scholars to become critical thinkers, problems solvers and intellectually inquisitive and concerned about others and their communities. POWER is the framework that guides our interpersonal and cross-cultural interactions.
PURSUIT: the emotional urge to explore and understand ideas and the active urge to learn more about a topic.

OPTIMISM: a student’s beliefs that they have the emotional capacity to navigate the social world in an effective manner, accomplishing his or her goals as needed.

WIN: a student’s belief that he or she possesses intellect, reasoning, assertiveness and motivation to be successful in life.

EMPATHY: including a feeling for others, sympathetic reactions to their feelings, and imaginative involvement in how the other person might be feeling.

RESPECTFUL RELATIONSHIPS: observable acts of the students that lead to emotional and social effectiveness of interactions with others.

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