ScholarMade is a School Within a School co-location model that features three schools at one site. ScholarMade implements evidenced based instructional strategies in all core areas of instruction anchored in Arkansas Standards.  Using an integrated model as a tool of rigor scholars are engaged in real world performance based instructional activities. Our hybrid approach to delivering personalized instruction through our in person and our virtual academy, ensures that the individual needs of our Scholars are met.

Ivy Hill Academy: Grades K-3

The school provides an emphasis on robust Early Childhood Education and is designed to serve Scholars in their formative and early testing years. We drive early achievement through the implementation of a personalized learning approach, more intense focus on measuring outcomes in terms of children’s learning and ensuring that learning is rooted in child development and stages of development.

Nichols Intermediate Academy: Grades 4-6

Nichols Intermediate Academy [NIA]  is comprised of grades four through six and prepares scholars to enter their secondary education equipped with a solid foundation in the core content areas, languages, and the arts. Scholars transition between a two-teacher team, Humanities (ELA/SS) and Math/Science, during the 4th – 6th loop.

Prodigy Preparatory Academy: Grades 7-8

Opening in 2020 with grade 7 and adding a grade each year, Prodigy Prep features a developmentally appropriate instructional structures that allows Scholars to gain important organizational and management skills that will prepare them to be high school ready. As Scholars’ progress to the more rigorous and content-specific curricula of grades 7-9, they will receive instruction from content areas specialists, allowing for more depth of knowledge.

ScholarMade Achievement Place of Arkansas

"Our Scholars Are Made For More"

ScholarMade Achievement Place

2410 S. Battery Street
Little Rock, Arkansas 72206

P. O. Box 55930
Little Rock, Arkansas 72215


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