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IVY Hill ACADEMY OF SCHOLARSHIP grades K-5 provides an emphasis on robust Early Childhood Education and is designed to serve students in their formative years and early testing years. We drive early achievement through the implementation of a departmentalized team-teaching approach, more intense focus on measuring outcomes in terms of children’s learning and insuring that learning is rooted in child development and stages of development.

days in school year

days of additional instruction

hour instructional day

minute blocks of ELA and math daily

The school offers its scholars a 185-day school year and an 8-hour instructional day which gives them over 30 days of additional instruction each year as compared to traditional schools. Students will experience 85-minute blocks of ELA and math daily; 40 minutes of cross curricular writing workshops; literacy integrated Social Studies; investigative Science. safe and inclusive play, Interventions and Enrichment as well as Restorative Practice Circles.

Weekly Blocks of Education

Weekly Blocks of Music, Visual Arts, Technology, Health, P.E. and Social Emotional Intelligence. Teachers will collaborate twice a week through a professional learning community for Embedded PD.


Based on 6 +1 Writing Model (Suggested model because ACT Aspire writing is based on the College Career Readiness Standards (which is based on 6 =1 Writing) and Common Core is aligned.


Phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and text comprehension instruction are key skills and methods central to reading achievements. Curriculum and Instruction in reading that focuses on these elements with an outlined grade leveled scope and sequence exposes students to necessary skills for reading success. To ensure all five components are taught in a comprehensive and systematic manner, schools will implement Benchmark Education K- 6 Phonics/Word study and K-6 Benchmark Guided Reading Programs. Benchmark Education provides reading materials and support that encompasses all five researched components that are outlined in a K-6 scope and sequence. The school will use Social Studies Alive! This is an interactive program that teach students about the world around them in ways that make them excited to learn every day.


Continuing with the integrated model, ScholarMade embeds Science and Social Studies within math curriculum to increase student engagement through real-world and relevant math problems through a combination of skills-based and investigative instruction. Conceptual understanding, procedural literacy, and strategic thinking are three critical elements of math instruction. The school will implement Eureka Math to expose students to conceptual understanding and strategic thinking emphasizing appropriate use of technology, teaching real- life problem solving, improving home/school partnership. Eureka Math provides engaging open-ended activities that will be customized to meet the needs of students with a range of abilities. Moby Max Math and Science will be used for procedural literacy, diagnostic assessment and interactive problem types that utilize over 35 different cognitive skills to encourage students to explore, discover, and think through concepts on their own and to target areas where students are struggling which will allow students to progress immediately once mastery is achieved.

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