School Attire

 All Scholars are required to wear the school designated attire.  Only articles of clothing that are part of the Scholarmade uniform can be worn.

Ivy Hill Academy: Grades K-3  Polo Tops: Color: Hunter Green  

Nichols Intermediate Academy: Grades 4-6: Polo Tops: Color:  Maroon

Prodigy Prep Academy: Grade 7: Polo Top: Black

Bottoms: Slacks/Capri Pants/Bermuda Shorts (mid-thigh/Skorts/dress jumpers) Solid colored: khaki, black, or navy bottoms. Plaid skirts are acceptable. NO JEANS.

Accessories: Students may only wear metal knob earrings no larger than a pencil eraser, watches on their wrists, and prescription glasses as an accessory to their uniform. No bracelets, rings, necklaces, or diamonds are permitted.

Students wishing to wear clothing observing their religion must submit a written request from their parent/guardian before the first day of school.

Shoes: No Sandals are allowed.

Sweaters/Jackets/Coats: Solid Black, Navy, White, Green, or Gold

Other: No Cargo shorts/pants; No jeans; No spandex/leggings can be worn as pants. No hats; All tops must have a collar and sleeves Backpacks can be utilized to transport educational items to and from school.


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